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NEW to the CREW! A few questions

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Very excited, picked up our new VLX today. We have the plug and play ballast system as well. It is normally just two people - just the driver in the boat.

So these are my questions -

For wakeboarding - we are intermieate riders, what are your settings at?

For surfing - we are intermediate surfers, what are your settings at?


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For intermediate wakeboard riders, I would set/edit the intermediate rider preset to:

Rear tanks 1/2 full, center tank half full, front tank full, no plug and play, wedge all the way down, speed at 18 o 19.... If this does not provide he wake you are looking for, play at first with he wedge by bringing it up a click or two until you are satisfied with the wake and the wake lip.

For surfing, it depends on the prop you have. If you have the 1235 or more aggressive 2313 or 2315, the I would do this:

Fill all stock factory ballast, plug and play about 1/2 full each ( unless you have additional bow sac as well) and wedge about 33% (all the way down, then about 3 or 4 clicks up.... Should show about 1/3 of the way up the green arc on the the for the wedge). Speed at 11.2 to 11.8 depending on how tall or how long a wake you desire. Keep in mind the thickest part of the wedge display is 100% wedge. I have the 23lsv and we do the following for surfing and it provides a great long and 3.5-4 ft wake and we surf about 15 ft off the swim platform:

All factory stock tanks including bow full, extra 750 in ach rear locker, 660 extra in bow, wedge 25% and between 11.8 and 12.4. We have the monsoon 350 with a 2315 prop. And I throws a great surf wake! Have fun an good luck with your new boat and welcome to the Crew !

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Congrats on the new boat!!

It is impossibly to have a defined ballast plan when your just starting out. There is a wide range of flexibility of what wake you can produce. With or without wedge, tanks full or empty, 1/2 full etc etc. You will have to experiment no doubt. Start no ballast or with mid or bow with half tank. From there work your way up. Add 1/2 rears, 1/2 mid etc. you will see and more importantly feel how your wake builds. Start from no ballast to full ballast and you find your sweet spot alone the way.

Good luck with your new boat.

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I have a 2013 vlx, here is what we run.

Intermediate wakeboard - center ballast full, wedge all the way down. Nice clean wake, if you want a bit more pop add rear tanks to 50% full. Too much rear weight and not enough bow weight will cause vlx to porpoise and bounce when using the wedge.

Advanced wakeboard wake - All hard tanks full, wedge 2-3 clicks up, 22-24 mph.

Surfgate - All hard tanks full, wedge all the way down, both lockers with 600 lb sumo sacs filled, speed at 11mph. This is a good starting point, we also usually have two people sit in the bow.

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