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How to rev the engine in idle on a 2013 VLX?

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My 2008 Vride had a knob below the throttle lever that you could pull out in neutral and then rev the engine. My 2013 VLX does not. Is there another way to rev the engine in neutral?

PS: If I could retitle this thread, it would be "How to rev the engine in idle neutral on a 2013 VLX?"

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All you have to do is go to the trans. You will see two actuators , one for fwd ad one for reverse. They are on the starboard side.Unplug one, doesn't matter which. Start the boat and move your throttle to whatever direction you unplugged. Mine are labeled "FWD" an "REV" . The trans will not engage that direction. Now you can rev the engine without being in gear.

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Why would they do away with that feature?

Not sure! Even my dealer couldn't tell me why. My F3 had the transmition lockout knob.

I would pull it out any time I had the boat idling and wasn't in the drivers seat!

Feel very uncomfortable in my TXi leaving the helm with the boat runing.

Must have somthing to do with the drive by wire.

Edit: bobby brights post explains a work around but its a pain in the a$$.

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It's a neutral safety switch designed to prevent the boat from going in gear by someone accidentally knocking into the throttle lever or something. I too wonder why they didn't leave the lock-out on newer boats...

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The only reason you would need to open the throttle with out having the transmission in gear was for starting the older carburator and early fuel injected engines. A choke and a throttle over ride was about the only way to start a carburated boat when the engine was cold. With the modern fuel injection systems that hit the marine world in the early 2000s all that stuff was unnecessary.

Think about, other than just for fun is there any reason to rev a boat in neutral if it starts perfect every time? Maybe to test something but not on a regular basis.

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