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Exile XM7 Question


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Hi Guys,

I have 4 XM7's powered by the Harpoon amp. They have been awesome for a couple years, but now they seem to have a flat sound, or fuzzy rattle (almost like they are blown) when turned up. Voltage is 14v when running. Any suggestions?

Thanks Mark

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Your gonna have to try and isolate if it's source issue or speaker isolated issue. Could be a whole gambit of issues that may cause that type of concern. Have you double checked the connections at the connector/clamp?

Try plugging your phone/mp3 player directly to the amplfier ad see what it sounds like. If it's still bad, try using a differnt test speaker with a small section of wire connected to the amp. You will have to eliminate possible causes to get to the bottom of it. If you end up having an issue with the speakers or amp, give Brian at Exile a shout. They have the best warranty in the marine audio game.

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Thanks Bobby,

I have a Clarion EQ, The cabin speakers work great turned up, the towers speakers sound bad. I ran the ipod to the amp directly, and it sounded fine. I'm wondering if I just have it up to loud going through the EQ? Never noticed this before. Maybe I'm just getting old and turning it up too loud???



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Possibly, or you could have an issue wih the EQ or RCA's. You can further isolate if needed by swapping in a known good RCA cable and bypassing the EQ or swapping the outputs from the cabin and tower.

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If it sounds fine with something directly plugged into the amplifier, I would not suspect a problem with the amp, but rather something upstream in the signal path before the amplifier.

Makes sure its not a crappy RCA cable. Use a substitute one if you can from the EQ to the amp.

No problem. Glad to be able to help you.

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Hey Bobby,

I have an update. The Driver in one of the speakers was damaged. Liquid Trends in San Jose sent it back to Exile and they fixed it. (no charge) I'm an Exile customer for life.

Thanks again for your help!


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