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how to charge my batteries

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So here is my issue, I keep my boat on a lift with no power there, boat lift battery is charged by a solar panel. I spend a lot of time over at the bay with stereo cranked and run my batteries down very far(10.2 volts) I know this is not good for them but it is what it is and I buy batteries cheap, I have 2 interstate srm24's in parallel and a 3rd just for starting, also use an isolator, weird thing is at 10.2 volts they still start the boat but stereo is now starting to cut out, I know 29's would be way better but with the custom sub box it did not allow for the bigger 29's. It is only a 5 minute run back to my lift so my batteries are not getting charged back up unless I go out for at least a good hour run with stereo off and I have no way off using a charger when I get back to lift with no power there. My question is could I use a solar panel to charge my batteries while boat is on lift, I have found little info on the solar panel charger. what I have found is that I will not be able to get a powerful enough panel to charge batteries back up in any reasonable amount of time. Also if I went to a bigger alternator would it charge my batteries back up faster and charge them at idle speed?, right now to get a good charge I need to be around 2000rpm. One more question, I am going to add a 3rd stereo battery in parallel to the two others in a different location and wonder if I can use group 29 in parallel with my existing 24's.

Sorry for the long story

Thanks Guys

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Giant solar charger but will take forever. Another option is small gas powered generator? You can add the 29 to what you have but your bigger issue is not getting the charge. Until you can remedy that you'll never be able to take advantage of the 29 accept for when you first install it.

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Solar panels, not to recharge.... Maintain, yes.

Like Bobby said... Tiny portable generator solves all for about $700 hooked into an onboard charger.

Look at the Honda EU1000i. 1000w for 8hrs on 1/2 gal of gas. Fill it up. Let it go till it runs dry.

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I had my last boat in storage for the winters

With no power to keep the battery's charged

I hard wired in a batt charger

And bought from the automotive parts store

A battery pack designed to jump start cars

They have a couple of jump leads and a small compressor , work light

But it also has a 240v inverter ( if you are USA 110v )

I would plug it in to the batt charger and bring my battery's up

This would be ideal for you

They are not expensive

Even leave it on the boat to charge 6 hours

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I bought an alternator for my snow plow truck from a company called Excessive Amperage. Essentially, what it is is high output alternator that uses a smaller pulley, thus spinning it faster than a stock alternator at the same rpm. Might look them up and see if they can do something for a marine application.

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Find out how much current you draw while playing your stereo at the dock and get a panel that exceeds that.

Or I can sell you a solar powered outdoor audio system that you can install on your dock.


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We use solar panels to charge our fridge batteries when camping. You just need regulator charge control to look after the charging side things. There are many on the market from simple no frills to more complicated ones that tell you voltage in , battery voltage, charge amps etc, and are capable of changing the charge config depending on the battery state.

The advantage of solar is set and forget, apart from checking the batteries water of coarse if it is a maintained battery.

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