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TheMalibuCrew forums have helped me (fill in the blank) on my boat

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When I bought a Malibu, I knew I was 3hrs from the nearest dealer, and would have to learn boat maintenance and upkeep on my own.

I joined TheMalibuCrew shortly before buying the boat, and in the last 2yrs, I got to thinking about all the things that I would have paid a local shop to do. But I didn't have a local shop.....instead, I had all of you in this forum to count on. My off the cuff list:

Oil Changes

Impeller changes


Transmission / V-drive fluid changes

Fuel filter changes

Stereo maintenance / Speaker install

Plug n Play Ballast install

Fresh Air Exhaust install

Rear vent repair / install

Trailer maintenance

Vinyl repair

Thousands of $$$ that I probably would have just paid someone else to have things done quickly, as my time (like everyone's) is valuable. Instead, I have spent hours upon hours, reading, learning, researching, and also avoiding a lot of trial and error by using this forum. It has translated to other parts of my life, and I find myself doing everything I can DIY. Truly rewarding.

(PS: Of course, I do realize that by reading this forum I probably spend WAY more money than I ever save, due to all the DIY projects and ideas that are on here daily,.... but I also know that my boat is kept in great condition in large part due to the members of TheMalibuCrew. )


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Kill a whooooole lotta time. ;)

I have owned this boat for over 5 yrs now & it has yet to be at the dealers for anything. The Crew has helped with tons of things. Most notable include:

- self filling midship tank

- squealing fuel pump indicating I had a clogged fuel filter.

- purchasing new gear like stereo equipment, the PTM Edge mirror, custom bimini,

- Hook up with other riders

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The Crew has Helped Me With....

The purchase of my first boat 2004 Malibu Wakesetter

The purchase of my second boat 2013 VLX

The installation of my PNP bags

The problem I had with reversing my trailer


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Thru 2 deployments

Fight waterspots

Be a safer boater

Learn about box anchors / anchor buddy

Be Scared me silly about running aground and never have

Get involved in Wake the World

Meet 7-8 great folks between VA, NC, TX, KY and OK as a result of the crew

Become a MUCH smarter wake everything consumer

Forbid all that crap that stains seats and vinyl

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The malibu crew is a great forum because of the people. That is why those of us that have gone to other brands stay around. Who knows, maybe I will be back in a Malibu one day - partly due to a community like the folks here.

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The MalibuCrew has helped me:

Come to grips with the fact that I am a middle aged adult acting like a child with ADD

Stand up to my wife when she thinks we are spending too much money on boat stuff

Stand up to my banker when he tells us we are overdrawn buying boat stuff

Stand up to my mother when I am criticized for asking for a loan for boat stuff

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93 Euro Skier:

Where to get interior skins

How to properly weight for wakeboarding

How to plumb in ballast (Thanks MA)

Which cover to get (Evo)

How to maintain the entire thing

How to restore my Gel Coat

Inspired me to build a manual Surf gate

How to refinish my teak

Where to install my bimini

There is a TON of other little stuff that I cant think of.

03 Sunscape 21 LSV


Taught me which tower to get

Got me a free set of board racks!

Helped me decide on a bimini

Again, teak refinish

Know what cover to get (evo) this is in the future

How to weight it for surfing (still tweaking)

Again... there is more I'm forgetting.


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Helped me decide on a pistol (Ruger LCP) - bet you didn't see that coming!

Along with spend all my money on boat stuff and has made me a pretty good mechanic on most things in the boat (not quite ready to pull a engine yet).

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Tons of ballast and stereo info,

Entertained me with some good posts and stories

And of course help me spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

and some more $$$$$$$$$$$$$

And even more $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Thanks to YOU GUYS I have to go out and buy a 23lsv Wakesetter for next spring.

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Confused the snot out of me on weather to get the wake or diamond hull or to get surfgate or not!!! All kidding aside, it helped with selecting my boat, where to buy it and what to do to it after I got it. I can't imagine not having the bu crew as a resource.

Edit: to think about buying a pair of sperrys.

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