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Can't loosen up coupling shaft nut - cut the shaft?

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After hitting rock under the water (30ft from shore) I have to replace prop, rudder, strut and shaft. I am at final stage (also thank to this great forum) and can't loosen up the nut in coupling. The nut is all rust. I've applied PB Blaster with no result. I will try the torch tomorrow but I doubt it. Did anyone cut the shaft rather then monkeying with the nut? How hard is the steel? I am thinking of using oscillating saw if the grinder won't fit. Or any secret helping me loosen the nut? I run out of ideas. The boat is 2004 23 LSV always owned by me so the nut is the original... Thanks!

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i cut it with a sawzall , its bent and toast probably any way so just cut it .. not too hard with a stainless blade and a good sawzall

I did exactly the same , hit an underwater rock .. did you check if the p bracket has cracked the plastic in the crash? i had to replace a whole heap of fiberglass after the p bracket was pushed upward or back and cracked the plastic deep.

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From my experience, heating up a frozen nut, red hot with an oxy acetalyne torch then hitting it with an impact gun works 99.9 % of the time. If ya gotta cut the shaft what about using a cut off disk on an angle grinder, might be easier then a reciprocating saw, just be sure to use something to deflect all the sparks.

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This is how nut looks like after some PB Blaster. Going to try the torch route. I didn't see impact ratchets with 1/2 inch drive for 1-1/16 socket... SO I guess I will be impacting with my hand...


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tgcbi - how long did it take to cut it? here is the bottom of my boat. I had wedge deployed too, fortunately it scraped the top of boulder only. I don't want to even imagine what would it be if it got direct hit.


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Good news is that my makita angle grinder fits into space. So I will try heat and if it won't work I will just cut it. One thought - how stupid or careless or penny pinching manufacturer is if they use regular nut in this application instead of stainless steel one... me not getting this...

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Ok, it's done. After monkeying with the subject for almost two days the angle grinder did it in 10 minutes. Why people bother removing nut anyway when new shafts come with coupling? Cut it right off!

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