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Plumbing an IBS


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I will be plumbing a new IBS (under seat bow sack) this weekend. Will be using an existing 3/4" fill/drain hose coming from the port passenger seat compartment...(Johnson reversible pump for fill / drain). I only want to do this once....have read that separate fill lines for each side will help with draining. Anyone that can give some advice based on experience would be greatly appreciated. I won't be able to fill it all the way if that makes any difference.

('99 SS VLX)

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I guess I am not understanding the plan, but I don't see why you would want or need 2 fill lines for a Johnson. One line does the filling and draining, but you might want to consider putting in a vent line for the bag. I was worried about my 1100 crushing the liner for the rear vents and blowing out my engine dividers so I vented the 1100 to the high side of the boat and it works like a champ. The Johnson still drains the bag to pancake thin because I installed a one way valve "on the vent line".

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10-4... I was worried about draining from one side with a vent, but then i realized a check valve should take care of that. I guess the guys plumbing both sides are using aerator pumps.

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Nope, I plumbed both sides with my impeller pump; just put a T from my fill line.

Last year I only filled one leg. It drained pretty well, but not as well with feeding/draining both legs. The non-fed leg (which is the side my check valved vent is located on) would still retain a bit of water. Drains fully now doing both legs.

If it wasn't for the holes already being there from the previous owner's crappy stereo system I yanked, I would have left it on one leg. Since the holes were there it only cost a few bucks and a few minutes time to make it feed both legs. In the end, the water the bag retained was probably only a couple gallons.

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Thanks for the suggestions...I didn't see a good way to plumb the drivers side leg... (No crappy old stereo install hole like NB). Gonna give it a shot with the port side leg only... See how well it drains and go from there.

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