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Favorite thing about being on the water is ___....

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....watching kids succeed and overcome their fears. Of the endless list of things I enjoy about boating, this is at the top of my list. I love when an apprehensive child gets back in the boat with a huge smile on their face, and you can tell they're hooked for life.

My son after his first full day of wake surfing.


The family memories are priceless!

A close second, may be my addiction to DIY boat projects.

What is your favorite thing about being on the water?

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Bonding time with family and friends.

Glass__________________________________ riding.

Complete release from the stress of everyday life ie. work, kids school, kids traditional sports practice and games, yard/house work etc...

The combination of summer heat, cool water, bright sun and cold beverages.

Pregression of riding in any disipline.

Trying new things (I can't wait to try a foil)

I also enjoy the DIY projects but only do those off the water.

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....getting to watch my kids learn to ski/wakeboard/surf/etc. for their first time and trying new tricks!

Stess free environment for the most part.

Learning to surf a little better and do some tricks.

Having a project to tinker on some in the driveway.

Watching the sun set while cruising back to the boat ramp after a long day on the water (seeing it sparkle off the ripples on the water).

Time with friends as well as family.

Teaching others how to ski.

Cruising to see the lake and scenery.

Taking the kids to a marina to get ice cream.

Throwing my surf rope or ski rope over the side when we are changing out riders so my 4 yr old can catch fish/alligators (he has watched Swamp People too much).

Bailing out of the boat in the middle of no where on the lake because my 4 yr old asks if he can swim now.

Hearing the rumble of the motor out of the back of the boat (love that sound).

And the list goes on!

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I love the "forced" family time. I never realized growing up on the boat, that it forced me to hang out with my family. My parents always knew what I was getting into, because I was with them most weekends! I even had a group of friends that would always count on going with us to the water, because they knew that was where I was going to be.

Now my kids are learning the same way I did, that family is pretty cool (although they are learning with much better equipment than I had - Old wooden laminated Formica skis, a truck tube with no cover and a rope tied to it and an outboard glastron (smoke included)).

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My kids wanting to be with each other (and their mother and father) and encouraging each other to do new things on the water. Their friends all want to hang out at our place to go on the boat too. This time is so short and precious to us. Worth every penny of maintenance and gas etc.

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That split second

That you exhale

After getting the boat anchored and tied up

In party cove

After 2-3hrs of water sports

Surrounded by family and friends

Exhausted and hungry

Bob Marley Three Little Birds playing a few boats over

You pull the lever and swing your driver's seat around to the rear of your boat

Slouch down in your seat

Watch your kids run to the rear to jump in

After your first sip of ice cold beer

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Favorite thing about being on the water is ___....

Not reading all the whining and crying about brands, owners, best wakes, blah, blah, blah! Just enjoying the water and the great times with friends and family regardless of the brand or type of boat.

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Early morning glass. All of us getting our skiing in with no traffic. PB&J samiches and a thermos of coffee! Listening to early morning weekend radio and watching all the other boats slowly roll in.

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watching the kids have fun

mastering the bow stuff when the wife is in the front

seeing the early morning fog as it lifts off the glasslike water and the low angle of the sun shining through, hearing the serene sound of birds in the distance, the ripples caused by fish coming to the surface for their morning feeding, and botching all that up with the unmistakable rumble of bringing 380 ski towing horsepower to life and releasing its wrath across the open water.

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Have to say....

First off the kiddo. Nothing I love more than watching him with a big smile on his face whether it be riding in the boat, swimming, tubing whatever.

Secondly sharing our good fortune with friends and other family. I love my wife and kid, but being able to share our toys with other friends makes it even better.

Third, Seeing someone get up on the surfboard or wakeboard for the first time. I love sharing the sport.

Lastly, me getting those first and last butter runs of the day....hey, I gotta be somewhat selfish!!!!

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I've used this pic in a post a day or so ago, but it really wraps it all up for me...


This pic should really be framed and hung on your wall, in the house somewhere. It is a great picture.

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Just purchased a New 2013 VTX this year. There are too many favorite things to list that have occurred since I took delivery of the boat. Family and Friend time is at the top of the list.

However over the past few weeks my 11 year old daughter learned how to wakeboard and wake surf. One on my favorite moments so far happened just this week. She is a determined little girl and was trying to jump the wake. She finally had enough of being tentative after boarding for 45 mins and really went for it. She achieved monster air............but the landing was not what she was planning. She totally landed wrong and took a wicked face plant. you know the ones were you think you will need to call EMS. So I spun the boat back in a full power turn thinking she was knocked out. I pull up to her and she lifts her head with the biggest smile and says "Daddy did you see it!!! did you see my monster air!!!" . Despite the failure on the landing she was so proud of herself.


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