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Alternator replacement part number

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I need to replace the alternator on my 2001 monsoon engine. The one on there is a mercury marine 55A 807652 or AC155616. It doesn't seem stock to me. Should I replace it in kind or put a different one on there?


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I finished changing out my alternator yesterday. Problem was originally diagnosed by engine not starting due to dead battery. With a fully charged battery, it would not read more than 12 volts with the engine running. I probed the connections at the alternator itself and came up with the same result. Happy to say now that the replacement works great, now getting 14 volts at the battery when the engine is running.

I had a 55 amp alternator and upgraded to a 70 amp alternator from DB electrical.


It was the right price and came with a V belt pully attached. It was also a perfect fit. The downside is it came with no instructions or labels for what the terminals are, nor did it come with the plug connector for the S and I pins, or a nut for the grounding post.

I did some searching on this forum and google for pictures and help. A big thanks to this thread for how to wire up the different connections:


Here is a marked up picture of the wiring connections on the new alternator.


I bought a plug connector to go with the alternator at O'rielly's auto parts. Brand BWD part number PT191.


I also upgraded the power and ground wiring to the alternator. I put a parallel run on each. I ran the ground to the main grounding post on the engine. The power goes to the big circuit breaker (big red button that has a number 50 on it) on the front of the engine. From the far side of the breaker, I ran another line to the positive post connection on the bottom of the front port side of the engine. The circuit breaker is underneath the carbon fiber looking cover on the port side. The circuit breaker itself is a total pain to take out and put back in. You have to access the back of it to get at the ring terminal connections. I was going to change out the circuit breaker for a bigger one, so I went to a local marina, Apollo Marine. He showed me on some new Moombas that they run higher alternators (like 90 Amp), but only use 60 A breakers. On that, I decided to keep the 50 A breaker. Thanks to Apollo Marine, always have had great experiences with them.


Here is a picture of fishing the circuit breaker out to get at the terminals:


Here is the new one installed and wired up!

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