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10 wakeboard pull - Lake Shasta


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That is awesome. That my be my favorite thing about boating. Is the building memories part. For me, boating is VERY familial. This is the one thing we all gravitate to.

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awesome pics..... just gotta watch for cracks in your gel coat at your tower bases....

You probrably have enough power to pull 20-25 with the 350 using the 2315.

He said he had just 3 on the tower...nuthin to worry about.

Fman, next tiem you do this, get the ropes the SAME LENGTH! Very dangerous to not do that...that way if anyone DOES fall, they're at no risk for getting run over. Even if people are spaced out, when someone sees someone about to fall, what happens? People all move to make room...with ropes all different lengths then you're just asking for someone else to get clotheslined.

I was once part of a group that pulled 7 barefooters from deep (502'd barefoot nautique, double booms, etc.). Took about a minute to get to speed. I've pulled 4 barefooters up from a tower on a response. That's WAY more stress than a couple kids on a wakeboard going straight.

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hey thanks guys, it was fun... we tried to put all the ropes at 65', unfortunately one had a knot in it we missed until everyone was up... at this point we were already underway towing... I was glad my wife did it, its pretty special riding with all the kids at one time! maybe 11 next year! :-)

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Lots of fun. We've done 9, 15 & 16 over different years. Always a good time. Congrats.

Another time we took all the ropes we had in the boat & connected them all end to end & then everyone had to ride. It was over 500' long. Doin a back roll with that much rope dangling in the water is TOUGH!!

Another year we had a marathon day..... everyone had to slalom ski, wakeboard, wake skate, barefoot, SkySki & the grand finale was an inner tube war. Only time I'd ever barefooted. And was the first time in years that I'd slalom skied. But I have to admit the inner tube war was by far the most fun though.

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