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Prop question

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I know every prop question has been asked to death, but just want to make sure I'm making a good choice. We have an '11 23 LSV with the standard 350 and 537 prop. Just purchased 2 750 bags for the back and have 400 lbs of lead in addition to standard 4 ballast tanks. 50/50 surfing and boarding primarily delta but 3-5 times a year in Tahoe @ 5000 feet.

Planning on going with the OJ 475. Sound like a good choice? Feedback is appreciated.

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I think the OJ 468 is a bit more aggressive? Probably unnecessary in the delta but would be appreciated at Tahoe. I can't imagine running less that a 12" pitched prop on a ballasted boat in tahoe though. The 475 will be a lot better than the 537, but still won't give you *great* performance at altitude.

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have definitely thought about the 468, but i've heard it takes a good 4 mph or so off the top end. Not that we need it for slalom, but the end of the day when we're heading back to the dock for the 20+ minute ride, would be nice to have a few extra mph...plus, Tahoe is usually more casual days, i.e. we take off from our place in north shore and head out to emerald bay. Quite a long ride and nice to have a few more mph. it's definitely down to 475 vs 468 right now.

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Are you really ripping across Tahoe at 40+? Do you regularly cruise home on the delta with the throttle at wfo for 20 minutes at a time?

Or us your cruising speed really more like 35?

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I thought i had the 537, but took a look at it yesterday, and it turns out I have the 1939. Would the 475 or 468 be a significant upgrade? I'll be installing the bags this week, and thought maybe I'd try it with the 1939 to see if we really need to upgrade.

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as for top speed, we usually have a failry full boat, and truthfully it seems like we struggle to hit higher than 38 or so even with the stock prop. We don't go WOT too often especially in Tahoe, but I'd like to have the ability to at least get above 35...

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Oh I thought you already HAD the bags installed. Go with something more aggressive. You will likely lose NOTHING from top end if you are bogging out at 38 now, you'll just get deeper into the powerband. At sea level on the delta what rpms can you hit at full throttle?

My boat is far less efficient than yours hull-wise and I have a 2315. I can still hit 36 at 5200 rpm at 4,000', and cruise at 4000 rpm around 30.

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Shawn, any experience with the OJ 468? Sounds as though it's pretty similar to the 2315? I'm taking the boat in today for service and just going to have them plumb in the bags while it's there. Next step is to order the prop.

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You've got me leaning towards the 2315, though I am a bit concerned about losing top end (hopefully I can still get to around 35). Any suggestions on the cheapest place to pick one up? I e-mailed Nettles, but haven't received a response. Sounds like I just missed a group buy...

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Really I don't think everyone in the world needs a 2315, especially if you don't have surfgate (and the corresponding weight). You run at sea level and can rely on the motor for more than I can at 4,000', where I have 25% less power than you do (on a less efficient hull to boot).

If you were only running at the delta, the 475/532 would likely be plenty. My only basis for suggesting a little more agro is that you will run at tahoe sometimes too, where I think you would appreciate a more aggressive prop (and if you were only running there, I'd definitely suggest 2315 or 2079). But that's probably too agro at sea level. It's all a compromise. And if you are cruising more at tahoe than surfing slammed out, maybe a slightly compromised holeshot isn't such a big deal?

There's a guy with a used 1273 for sale on the MB forums for $300, just to throw a little more confusion into the mix. I'd still pic the 468 over that tho for the marginally better tahoe holeshot performance.

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Yeah, we don't take the boat to Tahoe more than a few times per year (that inspection kills us). Just seems like everyone is going with the 2315 from all I'm reading and raving about it. I'll have to look into the 1273, hadn't even heard of that one.

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