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Tubing around the boat


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Since I have bought my first Malibu last month I have had this crazy idea of slinging a tube around the boat. I have found videos on you tube of people skiing around the boat, but nothing on tubing around the boat. I know that the skill level of the person on the tube would have to be good to be able to hang on during the sling shot out to pull this kind of stunt off. Has anyone ever tried this with success, is it even possible. My boat has a tower so I would think that this could be pulled off with a long enough rope and the right skills.

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Please don't try this. On a ski, the rider has at least a semblance of control and can ski away from the boat as the boat begins the turn and manage line tension. A tube rider would not be able to do this and if you didn't run over the tube/tuber, you would probably run over the rope.

But given your screen name, if you do try this and things go poorly, at least you could treat the riders injuries and then arrest yourself for being foolish.

I give this idea 4-1/2 out of 5 "shovels"...mods, we need a shovel emoticon, please.

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a lot of the trick relies on the skier turning the right way, adjusting to keep tension on the line, and skiing into position to pick up the pull again. If you looked from overhead you'd see the skier path isn't a perfect arc.

I wouldn't recommend trying it.

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No offense bro, but I hope you try this someplace away from all the surfers and boarders. I have had it up to here with tubers trying this stuff 8 feet from my rider where the death waves caused from their slaloming boat usually forces our rider down. Im sure you are a good driver but please choose an isolated area to do this.

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Thanks for all the responses guys. I didn't realize that there was such a dislike of tubing. Just so everyone knows I am very courteous to other boaters pulling boarders and skiers, as I myself find it very rude when I find a quiet cove and as soon as my wakeboarder or skier gets in the water and ready to go here come 10 boats. I also didn't realize your not supposed to pull a tube from the tower, as I see it being done all the time. Any extra input on this would be great. I will post a video though if we ever decide to pull this stunt off.

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I don't dislike tubers I dislike idiots behind the wheel of any boat (not saying you are one just a general statement). The thing that concerns me more than any of the previous statements is the slack in the line getting tangled around your rider in any number of ways and then you pulling it tight. If you are dead set on proving to yourself that this is or isn't possible definitely don't put a person on the tube, you could strap some weight to it to help it whip around, but you are still going to run the risk of running over the rope if it gets slack in front of you and damaging your rope, prop and possible tower... this also still makes the rope a safety issue for anyone in the boat still... so actually just don't try it

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...I myself find it very rude when I find a quiet cove and as soon as my wakeboarder or skier gets in the water and ready to go here come 10 boats.

I thought that just happened to me. They must wait under docks until they see me grab a vest, and then they just appear. I don't get it. Sadly, neither do they!

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