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Engine replaced after 45 hours 2012 LSV23 Wakesetter

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On July 3rd I picked up my BU and wast driving in the delta to my houseboat and was about ten minutes into the trip solo with no ballast in the tanks and wedge up. I get the dreaded red warning light on my dash and a loud alarm. I immediately put the boat in neutral and noticed it was idling very rough. I went to the Maliview and looked to see if there were any thrown codes checked the belts and oil and nothing. I called the dealer and they felt it was possible that my batteries were low and causing the issues. They said to go ahead and proceed and let the engine run to charge the batteries.

I drove 10 min to my houseboat and hooked up the batteries to a charger. Three hours later I tried to start the motor and it backfired. when I tried to start it again it hydrolocked.

Needless to say my fourth plans were altered :( The dealer (Sporting Edge in Antioch) has been awesome and within two weeks has replaced the motor. It turns out the water pump had a recall and the serial number range of my boat was just outside the range thus undetected.

The water pump failed and caused water to hit the O2 sensors and crack the exhaust manifolds and getting water in the engine. They say the new motor has been corrected however I am concerned that this can happen again without any warning until its too late. Any thoughts? I am going to call Indmar and ask them but curious if anyone has any suggestions.



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An interesing bit of feedback on the root cause, but I doubt the O2 sensor had anything to do with the problem. Sounds like low water flow caused the exhaust manifold to overheat and crack which then allowed water to enter the air side of the manifold and when you shut off the engine the water found it's way to the hydrolocked cylinder through the open exhaust valve. The backfire could be a blown head gasket. I have seen some comments on suspect engine circulation pumps, I would check with Indmar on that possibility or to give you the peace of mind you don't have that issue anymore.

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That sucks... But Be glad you brought it to the Sporting Edge.. That is where i take my boat too. They are great folks and really know their stuff. I'm sure they did a good job for you. I doubt that problem will ever happen again. just be sure to replace your impeller often. Look for my bright red sled next time your on the delta..

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Also bought my boat at Sporting Edge.. They have been great, glad to hear your experience is the same.

I wouldn't worry about that happening again. Where do you spend time on the Delta.

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Thx for the info, did your dealer mention where this crack forms? I would like to inspect mine. I also have an early production 2012 LSV, I looked at my water pump a few weeks ago and it was determined that 169191 was out of the recall range but do was yours. I'm up to about 60 hrs of use now.

I'm really wondering if this crack would be visible to the naked eye?


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