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Non stop beeping

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I've got an '04 23LSV. The warning beep has always gone off for 3 or 4 beeps on start up and occasionally with initial, out of the hole, acceleration but now it won't stop. I've taken it into the malibu shop twice and they can't reproduce the problem (they aren't on the water). Have topped off all fluids. There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it will go off, but once it starts, it won't stop until I turn off the engine and restart. Then it may go for awhile without a problem. Display is not consistent either...occasionally it will read "bad" on depth but we are in plenty of water. The depth finder typically seems very accurate and even if it reads "bad", it only does so briefly and then will display an accurate depth.


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No O2 sensors on an '04 Malibu.

I would replace the Oil pressure switch...it's cheap and easy, and is the culprit in 99% of these cases. Not the oil pressure sending unit that sends signal to your guage, but the switch, which gives a YES/NO signal to your ECM regarding oil pressure, which in turn triggers your beeper if it gets a NO.

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I have the same problem with our '06 Sunscape. Occasionally on start up it will beep and the depth will read 1.5 ft. After hitting a few buttons on the display it'll snap out of it.

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I got the beeps today.... :-(

It was right after a 4500rpm run.... (Scared the heck outa me!)

3 beep segments below 3K rpm then constant beep above 3K.

AFTER I read this (on the way home after we cut the day short as Mrs. Faceplant was in Sbux...) I disconnected each sender wire in the driveway and sure enough the smaller one with the brown wire was the beeping. Disconnecting the larger sender got me "OIL-0" on the LCD.

She still runs and $30 Monday will get us beep free next weekend.... hopefully...

Felt good to be in my happy place again!

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I had the same exact thing happen. Twice in 2 years now with the Oil Pressure Switch. It is the smaller of the 2 just above the oil filter. The switch is a brown wire with a white stripe on my 03 VLX. Anyways, if your boat starts beeping like Faceplant said above, with the 3 small beeps... and constant beeping over 3000 RPM, its almost guaranteed its your oil pressure switch. VERY IMPORTANT - when you disconnect the switch, the beeping will most likely continue for a couple more cycles... BE PATIENT. Then the beeping should stop (if the problem is your switch). If the beeping continues, its not your switch. I did not wait long enough, and started chasing other ghosts, then a few hours later, I started over.... and luckily waited just out of frustration. So once you disconnect the switch to check if it is bad, give it at least 30 seconds. Tvano, thanks for all the helpful posts over the last few years. HUGE HELP!

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Running into these same symptoms right now. Is the above info still accurate as to the probable cause? Anyone have a photo of the oil pressure switch and/or a link to the replacement?

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I'm wondering if there's anything that makes that unit particularly "marine."  I can get a normally closed oil pressure switch with a 6psi threshold to open for $8 at NAPA......  And have it today.  Any reason I need to spend $40 for the indmar part #?

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24 minutes ago, Fffrank said:

I'm wondering if there's anything that makes that unit particularly "marine."  I can get a normally closed oil pressure switch with a 6psi threshold to open for $8 at NAPA......  And have it today.  Any reason I need to spend $40 for the indmar part #?

Doubt there is anything special about it

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Took the wire off and cleaned the sensor and electrical connection  and reseated the wire and my problem is gone. Although now that I think about it, I didn't have any beeping until about 2 hours into my session and discovered that the divider panel was buckled in and against the sensor. 

That could have def. caused some kind of issue I suppose. Time to reinforce.

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