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Acme 1615 (vs 2315 vs 1235)

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Contemplating upgrading my prop and I emailed wakeprops about which prop would be best for wakeboarding behind my heavily weighted 2000 wakesetter VLX.

I was surprised by their response, as I was expecting a plug for the 2315 or the 1235. They suggested the 1615, which I have never heard of. Anyone with experience with this prop? They said the 2315 would have clearance issues.

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1615 will be more agressive than the 1235, but less than the 2315. the 2315 would only be 1/4" closer than the 1235/1615....and this wouldnt be the first time theirs and Acme reccomendations have been off some.

What prop do you have on there now and how much clearance do you have?

The most agressive 14.5" prop (if that extra 1/4" of clearance is really an issue on the 2315) is the 2079.... exact same specs as a 2315, just 1/2" smaller in dia.

Tell us how you use your boat... doe a 37mph wide open speed matter.... what are you really looking for?? what do you have on there now?

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Send a PM to 98buphon. He has a similar prop, it's called the 1615-112M. I'm pretty sure it's the same prop as the normal 1615, but has a more aggressive pitch.

I also have this prop and used it pulling tournaments in my VLX. I could weight the boat with 4000# and this prop would get it done, it would hit the rev limiter WOT and run in the upper 30's. I'm running 15's now and have never tried it on my MXZ's, so I would sell it if interested.

Specs - 14.5"/12.75" pitch/1.05 cup

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I have a 2006 wakesetter vlx with the hammerhead 383 currently running the 1273 prop. Works great pulling full factory plus wedge and an additional 1500lbs plus people. Just curious if the new 15" props with less pitch have been used on the higher hp vlx's? 2247 or 2391 come to mind. My folks G23 is using the 2247 with the 550hp engine and pulls on plane well.

Not sure if there is much to gain with the half inch larger diameter, but I am reading good things on this forum about the 2315 on the 350ci engines just figure the 12" pitch is too aggressive for me.

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