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Wakesurfing footage? (video inside)


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I love surfing, and I love my GoPro, so I'm starting to record every time we head to the lake. I'm progressing little-by-little every time I go out and I can't get enough of it!

Does anyone else have footage of them wakesurfing? Post it!

Here's my most recent:

and a body varial for fun

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That 2nd vid looks like ur board needs sexwax. Ur foot slid right off. Is that board slick on top?

No it's not slick, it's a soft top board from Ronix called the Huntington. It's basically a giant boogie board in a surf board form. I think I slid off just because of the pitch of the board. That and the fact that I had no idea what I was doing, lol. The beginners that come with us LOVE that board! It could float a house and ff they fall on it, it doesn't hurt them (being soft).

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Nice! 1st vid, 1st attempt you had it, just needed to pump that board and paddle a little with ur left hand.

And yeah, I'll get it soon enough! I need to use my hands to stop spinning once I've gone all the way around. My biggest problem now is that I continue rotating as I fall back on the wake. I've heard all of the tricks and tips, but when I'm spinning, all of that goes out the window in the moment. I'll get it figured out soon enough though!

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and you're only running 750# in the surf side? wow, I must have a super slow board!

What kind of board do you have? The one in the first video is a Inland Surfer Tako, I love it! It's compression molded so its more sturdy and definitely affordable. It's a skim shape, but they have 3 fin configurations to use, so you can ride it like a surf-style board if you want. I have it set up to use two small skim fins on the side and none in the middle.

Great vids. How do you have your boat weighted?

Thanks! Our boat is a 99 sunsetter VLX, we only use one 750 pound Fly High fat sac in the rear locker next to the engine. My driver (wife) weighs a whopping 125 so I don't get much weight from her. We drive at 10.3mph and don't have a wedge. I can fall back comfortably and get pushed forward with minimal effort. If I do get another sac, it'll probably just one that sits in the ski locker, that way it'll help with the bow rise a little and I don't have to worry about swamping the front when we slow down.

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Finally got a 360 on video. Third boat I've done it behind. It was my 90 Euro. Had two 750 lb sacs and a full cooler on the swim platform and 5 peeps. First time I've ridden out of it on my boat. Was riding a CWB Ride, 3 fins in back, one in front.

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Finally got a 360 on video. Third boat I've done it behind. It was my 90 Euro. Had two 750 lb sacs and a full cooler on the swim platform and 5 peeps. First time I've ridden out of it on my boat. Was riding a CWB Ride, 3 fins in back, one in front.

Nice. Super smooth.

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Me last Tuesday evening. The wake looks like total a** since I had a 180lb driver and my "observer" was my 35lb daughter - wake was all washy up top. I'm also 6'3" and the video is from the tower...and I'm not exactly good at this sport yet. Riding a 5' Triple X Nitro.

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Looks like you are attempting the spin too far back on the wave. Give a couple of pumps, gain speed and attempt the spin right were the spine of the wave begins to form. You can use the wash to your advantage with a surf style board. This will give you more room to recover after the spin. Also. stick your inside hand into the wave and pivot off your arm.

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Yes, it a bit tougher to pull of the spin with the longer fins most surf style boards have.

Most skim style boards are very loose and you don't have to work very hard at all the get them to rotate.

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MCO: First attempt, last vid..... Was so close! Dang dude. You gotta get that........ (Then teach me!)

And that big yellow O looks sick on the board.

Thanks man. I've got to say, it's much easier to throw it riding revert, like in the first video. It's been eluding me all this season, but I'm pretty determined to get it squared away here in the next few sets. Absolutely, always good to ride with others who help progress... kind of like your nailed surface 360s. All about the O where ever I go!

Off topic, but do you ever make it down to any games? I live about 800 feet away from Autzen Stadium and have a cold one reserved with your name on it if you, or any of the TMC members, ever come down for a game.

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This is my first time wakesurfing at my parents place in New Hampshire. I used one of my real surfboards. It was great practice for those big days on long island. I do have a wakesurf board so I look forward to doing some tricks next weekend.

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I'm slowly but surely progressing on my airs! I get a little better every time we go out. So happy to live in Texas where our season is nearly year round :) . I'm thinking about entering a competition around here next season in the amateur division, anyone else thinking about that too?




I'm getting pretty close to shoves as well.


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Complete footage from the last surf session. For some odd reason, that was the best wave the VTX was putting out all year. We didn't do anything different... 1 in the bow, 1 in the starboard rear, driver, all MLS full (except port), floating wedge down and 550# sac in starboard locker. Wave was both good going down and upstream. Weird.

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