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Help... Battery Issue?

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This weekend, my wife and i were out with a couple of friends in the cove. We were listening to music all day but we started up the boat every once in a while as to not drain the battery.

When we set up to leave we tried to start up the boat and the batteries were dead. We found someone to give us a jump and we got it started. As we were trolling out of the no wake zone, the battery meter was beeping. When we got past the buoys we tried to take off but it staggered a bit so i eased back.

I'm not entirely sure what is going on because usually if the engine is started it would charge a dead battery, right?

I've got two batteries with a perko switch. if i put a jump pack on one of them and the battery meter measures 13ish volts. If i were to take off the battery jump pack the battery meter drops drastically to 10, 9, 8 volts and would die if i tried to turn on the bilge.

Any suggestions or ideas as to what is causing this? Do i have a bad alternator?

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It sounds like your batteries just have a minimal surface charge or are shot. Try and give them a full charge and have a parts store give them at load test. It will tell you if the batteries are still serviceable or not. In regards to running the motor to charge the batteries... It will usually take the motor running for a while to charge the battery. Quick starts with short run times may just be depleting the batteries. Next time you park and listen to the stereo switch your battery switch to one battery and save the other to start the boat,

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Buy this and that will never happen again.


Take the batteries to the parts house and have them checked it's free but I would do it a lunch time they may need to keep them for about a hour.

If you end up needing a new battery look at the Interstate Srm-29. Best for the $

It would also be a very good idea if you spend that much time in the cove to get a onboard charger it takes the alternator a long time to charge two batteries to a full charge. Think of it like this if your parts house takes a hour to just charge the battery to full charge. How long should it take for the alternator to charge it and run the boat. The on board charger will also make the batteries last much longer. If you get a onboard charger get a good one. I leave my charger plugged in all the time when I'm not on the water. The charger even puts a load on the battery every now and then and then charges it back up just to keep them fresh. Hope this helps anything else just ASK. :cheers:

When it comes to the 12 or the 20 others would know more than me. I went with the 12 because I leave mine plugged in all the time and I don't like the idea of charging the batteries to fast.

If you leave it plugged in all the time.


Plugged in just when you can. (Little faster)


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