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What is your Best Wakeboard Wake?


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Just throwing this out there for fun.

What boat?

How was it weighted?




I think my best ever was behind my friend's '01 VLX. We had the MLS filled (center and rear) and had approx 10 people in the boat (3 in the bow and 4 in the back seat). Speed was around 22.5 and we were riding at 70.

I went so big (not being used to it) and busted out laces on my binding.

How about you guys?????

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^ this guy. can't get him to stop talking..

98' Sunsetter VLX

2-750# sacs in rear lockers to 500# each 3 people in bow and a driver.

65-70' can't remember

19.5ish-20 mph

pics to come.

Going out tomorrow with a crew of 8 or 9 so I will post some gnarly pictures!

Also, buddies 06 VLX with about 8 people in the boat (none were knowledgeable about placing themselves) MLS full, wedge up. that was one rampy wake, could hit it HARD.

that was 70'

going 20mph

no pics of that.

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Not the best wake I've rode, but for our boat so far this has worked best for me.


2002 Malibu Wakesetter VLX

factory ballast (1000lbs) + 500 lbs in bow / wedge down

2 passengers

I plan to load it up more. I also have not played with it without the wedge yet, plan to do this next time out.

Overall, the wake has good shape. I'd like more of a longer mellow transition though (hoping the wedge up will help).

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  • 4 weeks later...

2011 San 230 team edt.

Full ballast

750s in each rear locker and

Bow bag plumbed in plug and play

A 400 bag in the walk thru

23.5 mph with 75ft of line

Wake plate full vert.

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2006 Vlx

Full Stock, 165 lb spotter with his 1.5 year old, 160 lb person in the front, 170 lb driver

No wedge

21.2 @ 65ft

Really nice. Mellow but just enough pop.

Definitely going to be my new rider presets.

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Nvboarder's 2006 VLX. Of all of the VLXs that I've been behind over the years, his wakeboard wake is definitely the most dialed in. His set up is here.

As far as the bigger boats, without a doubt the 247. The best, most versatile wake that I've ever seen. Add a power wedge with stock ballast & you can make it almost as rampy or peaky as you want, & the transition is huge & predictable. Those 2 get my vote.

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2011 A22 (yes mine)

Stock 900

750's in rear lockers

950 Sumo mushroom sack

200 lbs lead in bow tip

100 lbs lead up against port front seat back next to batteries

100 lbs lead up against starboard front seat back behind sub woofer

200 lbs under seat bench passenger side even with where the tower mounts to top deck

200 lbs under seat bench on other side behind driver approx where tower mounts.

800 lbs sumo floor sack completely full.

No wedge.

335 CAT


4 adults, 1 toddler, full fuel plus gear

24.0 mph @ 78'

tie for second was a slammed 06 xstar (unknown weight config) and a 07 VLX, stock ballast, 2000 lbs of lead, 1000 in bow and 1000 throughout cabin and rear, 500 sacks in locker, no wedge, 23.8 mph at 80'

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2013 G23 Nautique with full stock ballast and 6 people on board. I was skeptical at first, but the wake is huge... my folks new boat. 80ft back and 23.6-23.8mph, 550hp XS550 engine with ACME 2247 prop.

Next favorite is my 06 VLX. Full quad MLS, v-drive 400lb sacs full in the rear lockers and W711 sac full in the bow, 3-5 people on board. Wedge full down or 1 click up at 23.0-23.2mph at 80ft back. Hammerhead engine with 1273 prop(curious if a switch to the ACME 2247 would be worth while like on the G23. 15x14.25 with 0.150" cup). I think I need a wee bit more nose weight so might try the triangle bow sac and this should give the wake a bit more lip thickness also. This is a good weight balance on the 06 VLX hull, you can let off the throttle straight up and not dip the nose one bit. If I am in a hurry to get riding I fill the W711 up front and a 400lb in front of the rear bench type seat area to help keep the nose up. This hull loves a heavy nose.

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I have been riding our 08 VLX at 21.6 mph 2-4 ppl in boat, Full stock MLS, 700lbs in bow, 750's in rear locker half full no wedge at 70'. Really enjoy this combo vs using the wedge at 2 clicks up which gives the wake a lip. I have also found that slowing the speed down and reducing the rope length allows me to go higher and have the mellow landings since I consistently land wake to wake instead of out in the flats.

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Full Stock g23 with 6people best by far for me. I've never popped so high on anything so easily as that G wake. My San 210 with 3k doesn't even come close, nor does my buddies 06 star, 08 supra, or 10' x-15 or 13' x-25! Sorry I've not had the opportunity to ride a BU yet. Would love to ride a LSV or MXZ just no buddies around here with one.

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