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monsoon 325 wot problem

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I went to test a 98 response lx with 1100 hrs on it and when i opened it up it topped out at 41 mph on gps and 4000 rpm. It just felt like it didnt have it coming out of the hole. also when i gave it all it had it would not get up and go, it would just gradually get up to speed. looking for some insight on what it could be. didnt buy the boat yet so im not into yet. thanks

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Fuel Delivery Problem. Either the Filters or the Injectors are clogged, or both. Both relatively simple/cheap fixes, and becoming more and more of an issue as we see the results of 10% ethanol in our fuel.

FYI...before I sold my '02 with the 320 Monsoon, I was at exactly 4000 RPM at WOT. I had the injectors cleaned and was immediately back up to 5K. Fuel filter change (as well as other component changes) did not make a difference (I tried that first.)

I would bet a dollar that you can chase this problem till the cows come home, but will ultimately end up cleaning the injectors, in my opinion.

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To have them professionally (ultrasonically) cleaned cost me about $25 per injector (included new o-rings, etc.). When I looked, new ones were about $150 Each. So I took the chance, and all worked out well. There was plenty of crap on top of the injectors, so I had them sent out. Turn around was a day.

If you owned the boat, you could take the fuel rail off and check things out. Since you don't, I doubt the owner will let you do that. But unless you are at a very high altitude, that Monsoon should be up around 5K RPM at WOT...and the owner probably knows this. Ask him/her if 4K is all they have ever seen at WOT. I doubt it is.

If it was the screen on the fuel pump, your would hear the pump whine. Same with fuel filters before the pump. The pump would be starved for fuel and be whining.

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What a fair price is depends on so many other factors. Condition of the boat, etc.

But as far as the engine. 1100 hours would not scare me at all on a Monsoon, provided it was maintained properly. And IF the fuel injectors are clogged, that is not necessarily a sign of poor maintenance. I maintained my boat to a 'T', but ended up with clogged injectors. Over maintained it, if anything. I blame the ethanol in the fuel.

But a little labor and a couple hundred bucks got my engine running like it was the day it was new, literally. If the boat you are looking at has a clogged injector problem, you can be reasonably sure you can do the same.

The big IF is whether or not the injectors are the problem and/or the only problem. But a Monsoon turning 4K RPM at WOT has at least one problem. Especially in a '98 Response.

Can you get a compression test done on the engine? What altitude are you at?

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I heard back from the dealer who is trying to sell it to me, they said it was a fuel filter so they replaced it then ran it agian same problem, now they are saying it is the fuel pump so they are going to order it and put it in then test agian. so i guess i will sit back and wait.

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Is it at a Malibu dealer? If so, it seems odd they would have to order a fuel pump. Since it is at a dealer, I would require a compression test.

The good news is that they are not trying to tell you it is normal ad there is no problem. The better news is that it is not your problem.

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