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Ultimate silencer(muffler) Conversion?

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Hello to all,

Especially to the knowledgable crew that enables us to enjoy our boats...

I am a new member, but have used the advise many a time from this great forum...

I have a bit of a problem that has been covered in the recent past, with the exception of some small details i feel i must have missed...

I have a 94 Malibu Echelon, 350 mercruiser.... my silencer is trashed. One side fiberglass separated, with silencer moving up and down, the other side has a pencil size hole in fiberglass. Definitely do to many years of over heating I'm sure... (This problem dealt with already)

Everybody i talk to or research done comes up that this silencer is not available new, or finding used silencer for 93-94 malibu very difficult, and options limited to:

re-fiberglass old one,

or change to inline muffler style...

In my research of threads i need to understand sequence...

if i take off my ultimate silencer,

What is needed to finish change over to new system???

New Inline muffler attaches to exhaust from motor.( do i need a part in between motor and muffler?)

Is there a baffle or something needed between the muffler and exit pipes on boat? why can"t a new inline muffler just connect motor to exit pipes on boat?

This is the big question for me!!! Please educate me...

Boat stuck in lake, at least in her slip...

Thanks ahead,


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I'm in the same boat,but am going the re fibreglass route, it seems simpler and I have some experience with the stuff. My main problems have been caused by myself when I pried the hoses off and damaged the muffler ends with a screw driver. I think with some patience and hard work your muffler could be repaired as well for a fraction of the cost of changing over. Just my thoughts.

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My brother has the Silent Rider muffler like yours on his MC and I have the floor mufflers in my Echelon. His is a touch quieter and his Ford motor has that high-revving wanting to go faster sound that I love. Mine has the typical Chevy deep rumble but is still quieter than a modified car. Whichever you choose you can't go wrong with the sound is what I'm saying.

I was just out working on my boat and from the manifold there is a rubber coupler to a 45 degree metal elbow. Then a rubber hose down to the muffler inlet, which is also 45 degrees.

If you want louder you can do a version of martinarcher's exhaust project. He went up to 4" but you could use the same "muffler plates" that he did and basically straight pipe the rest. He used composite piping but because it's water cooled many people have had success using standard PVC. Here's the full project:


Best of luck.

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Thanks for the few different suggestions I have received...

I am pleased that there is a forum for all to share experience...

I still need to understand the basics regarding the different solutions...

The replacement of fiberglass on old one is self explanatory...

I still do not understand what sequence is required to use a new inline muffler set up. Exhaust from motor to new inline muffler to what(?) before exhaust flaps... why can't I run exhaust from motor to new inline muffler to exit flaps of boat????

the FAE option... how does this affect the use of swim platform, have kids and use a lot???

I don't need any flare, just need boat to be performing like a Malibu should...

Getting closer to understanding this new challenge.

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the FAE option... how does this affect the use of swim platform, have kids and use a lot???

It doesn't affect the use of the swim platform. It will help with any fumes you have coming from behind the boat.

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