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What tricks to learn?


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I'm finally able to go wake to wake healside 90% of the time and I'm wondering what I should try and learn now. I can do surface 180's however I usually do them as the boat is getting up to speed, caught a a toe edge a few times and that sucks! I suppose toeside wake to wake and getting comfortable riding switch?

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^^^^^ what BS said. Also, my advice would be work on riding switch as often as possible. as you learn one trick regular, do it switch. as you get more comfortable riding switch, do a wake to wake 180, then do it going back. You do not want to throw a trick and then have to go back to the other side to to do another one. Make the most of your riding time. Switch, toe side, and keep the handle at your hip.

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What BS said.

I'd also start really working on your toe side jumping. I find it funny when we ride with someone who can kill it heel side, but can't even clear the wake toe side.

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Every straight air they've got the nose of their board sticking straight up.....

Any tips on fixing this? I can clear the wake easily and usually land somewhat flat but the majority of my air time is as you described.

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My advice to anyone progressing in wakeboarding is: take your time! Learn to ride the right way. Once you learn to get air.... Work on making sure your board is flat in the air. This is huge. It not only teaches you balance and control (that will be imperative as you progress) but it also looks SO much better. Way, way, way (did I mention way?) too many people out there that can do flips/inverts, but can't do a big, FLAT, Indy grab. Every straight air they've got the nose of their board sticking straight up..... Skipping steps in the learning process is a recipe for sloppy riding and injuries.

So back to my point, and your original question: after airs, work on grabs. Both hands. Tail, nose, Indy, mute, melan, stalefish. Then work on going bigger and flatter. Somewhere in there, start trying toeside. Board slides on the wake are also fun and teach you a lot about your edges and balance. Get that stuff down. Then 180s. Then 3's. Work on your own style. If you're a really flexible type rider, focus on poking those grabs out and making them your own. If you're a less flexible rider, work on making everything super clean.

Just my 2 cents

Good luck

This is GREAT advice. Flattening out the board in the air is huge. My jumps look so lame with the nose way up in the air! I think the tail grab is the next step for me. Plus trying to go higher and bigger.

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We like to peak out the board so we look like a bunch of smacktards pulling an Apollo lauch after hitting the wake. We are currently recruiting. Dont sway opinion, it makes it harder on us.

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