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Removing Silicon

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Now that warmer weather (and less rain) is upon us, I'm detailing the boat for summer. One of the main issues I'm working on is dried silicon at the rear transom. It looks like someone at the factory got a little sloppy while finishing my boat around the wedge bracket and exhaust tips. There are two small areas that seem to have had excess silicon wiped away and have since dried making an unsightly mess. Dirt likes to collect in this area so I'd really like to get rid of the problem. Anyone have an idea on how to remove dried silicon? Goof Off? Some sort of adhesive remover? I've currently tried cleaner wax and scraping with my fingernail but it barely makes a dent. Thanks for the help.

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I cleaned all the excess sillycone from around mounted hardware with a used toothbrush. A used one is soft enough. I didn't use any chemicals. It takes awhile but, it's worth it.

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I had to scrub it off the bottom of mine with acetone. It's a pain in the butt and I had to wax the hull again afterwards.

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Don't tell any boat owners I said this but, everytime I'm wiping down someone else's boat after a day of skiing, the silicon around their boat's hardware drives me nuts!

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Well, on to plan B. The toothbrush wasn't quite cutting the mustard and my elbow is killing me. What's up with acetone? Does it really mar the hull?

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I'd try rubbing alcohol. Get a rag wet with it, rub the silicone, then scrape with a credit card or plastic putty knife.

Good luck.


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I'd just be careful about using any strong chemicals to get off the outer fringes of the silicone. Because, some of the chemical is going to get under the rest of the silicone and start to deteriorate it too.

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Funny story, I went into a local paint supply place looking for some 3M Silicone Remover (they do make it, I even found it on their website at one point). The guy behind the counter asked me (as all guys do when I go into auto parts & hardware stores), "What are you using it for?" I said completely deadpan, "To remove silicone." Here's your sign....:lol: we all got a good laugh.

My dealer uses silicone spray lubricant, & says that it wipes right off. Go figure.

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