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The lake we ski on is full of Milfoil. where we start and spin the boat. Anyone have a way of removing this stuff without getting in trouble. It is so bad when I drop in the water the rope picks up a 100 lbs of it. Then you have a hard time even getting the boat to turn. The prop strut plugs up, rudder has no effect. There are no other lakes to put a course in. any advice .

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We got a weed control assessment passed on our lake. It was a lot of work but we beat the milfoil. Now our native weeds are flourishing. We just got sprayed for weed's yesterday. Michigan will not let us kill weeds just stunt them.

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Does you lake have an association? if so, have them get ahold of the DNR and ask if there are any grants available for Milfoil treatment or what their recommendations are. We had problems with Milfoil on the Eagle River chain a while back. All the lakes formed associations and got the DNR involved. We now have annual assessments and treatments done. This has erradicated about 95% of the Milfoil. It no longer impedes boating or recreation on our chain. They also have volunteers at all the public boat launches that check boats going in and out for invasives. Its a big problem but can be controlled.

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Zebra Mussels take care of them, pick your poison. When you cut the mil foil is reseeds itself. Big problem on the lake I live on but luckily they drain the lake 10-14 feet every other year to kill and control it.

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Lake i am on releases a bunch of sterile grass carp each year. I have not seen a weed in the decade I've been boating here. Sterile so they don't breed and over populate, but they seem to do the trick. Now that the weeds are few and far between the carp sit at the restaurants and wait for handouts with the ducks. Our lake doesn't freeze so i don't know if they would make it through the winter. good luck,

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Maine is dealing with it also, there is a organization setup just to help fight it, I beleave it is government funded? They have different ways of dealing with it, but one way they do it is to put a tarp over an infested area, held down with rebar for a few weeks and it kills the Milfoil leaving bare ground. Not sure what would happen if an individual got caught doing this?

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