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Sandbar accessories!?

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I have been boating on a few friends boats for years. I have saw a lot of accessories and cool things at the sand bar. Recently my friend has been taking me out a lot on his boat. i always pay for gas and provide food/drinks. I want to get him something that he would appreciate.

I am curious what are your must have items for the sandbar?

Currently he has the following

-beersbee (A frisbee game with two poles where you knock the beer can of the pole)

-football, frisbee, other small items to toss around

-An FM transmitter, to play music from our phones and allows for multiple boats to play the same music

Any ideas??

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box anchor, anchor buddy or sand spike if he dosent have any of the above.

I am not familiar with the box anchor and anchor buddy. Can you explain more or provide links?

The sand spike seems self explanatory but I am sure there are different options, what are you using?

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^^^^ x1000. you buy your buddy a box anchor and an anchor buddy(stretchy anchor line) he will leave his family at the dock to pick you up. roughly 150-175$ combined for the 2.

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Just curious what FM transmitter your using. The idea is great. But I've had 2 of these things & they suck.

I will have to check and see what he has. it only transmits about 30-40 feet.

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small box anchor


anchor buddy


sand spike


the anchor buddy and box anchor you toss in 15'-25' from shore and then run a line to shore and you can pull the boat to shore or dock and when let out sits anchored on its own. then when you want to get in just pull it in.

the sand spike is nick for beaches or sandbars you just put it in and tie you boat up to it and your secure.

both were top of my list shortly after TMC showed them to me

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Set of horseshoes. Cheap, durable. Easy to leave/store on the boat. Make sure to get one with a carrying case.

No offense to anyobe but That beer pong thing kinda sucks. We had one. You gotta bring cups. It floats all over in the water and ends up getting used as a floaty. On land, u need a table to put it on. On a breezy day the thing doubly sucks...

No offense taken but what beer pong floaty thing?

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