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Adding a Perko switch and extending wires


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What is the best way to extend my stock + & - cables to add a Perko switch and batteries under observers seat? My stock cables only reach so far, I need to extend them a few feet to mount my switch under the observer seat. I know one of the power wires go's to a breaker first so I can extend off the other end of the breaker, should add another breaker for the other power wire? How about extending the 2 ground wires? Thanks for any and all help.


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Maybe one of the other members can confirm this, but I think a left handed johnson rod extender will also work for battery cables. Biggrin.gif

I would also like to know the real answer to this. I want to relocate my batteries and need to find where to have longer battery cables made-up. Will auto cables be OK, or do they need to be marine grade?

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Go to a good stereo install shop, they'll give you blue black red or clear wires in any size you could need.

And they will have the ends also. You may just have to buy a good crimping tool to put the terminal ends on,probably around $30 for a decent crimping tool.

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You could get welding cable from a welding shop. It's just very flexible, heavy guage wire. It won't look that sexy though. Otherwise go to an electrical supply house and get red and black automotive cable there. Or, like said, a stereo shop. But, they might not have the really big stuff.

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Thanks guys I have the wire, I was just need to know what people are useing to extend the existing stock wires. Large but connectors, a bolt with ring terminals and some nuts, or a breaker?

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i used welding cable, and big ring terminals from an auto parts house. welding cable is usually made up of finer wire than automotive stuff, and can carry higher current for the same wire guage size.

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Go to a farm supply store and buy a red and black 2' or 3' length of battery cable - already made up. Just bolt them to your existing cables, wrap them up very tightly with good electric tape and you are good to go. I moved my batteries to make more room, and this works fine.

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Most stereo shops will carry down to least 0 gauge power cable nice fuse blocks gold connectors etc.

I had some cables made up at a local higher end auto shop for my Chevelle,they look good on a car with the big bulky terminal ends and all.

I have 300' spools of 1/0 thru 3/0 gauge fine strand S O cord "Welders type cable" at work it makes nice jumper cable and I gave some to a buddy for his fishing boat trolling motor, but I still would rather have some nice looking audio style wires on the boat. they just look like they belong in the interior of a boat and not under the hood if you know what I mean.

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I wouldn't put any type of "splice" in the wire.

You need to bite the bullet and replace the entire run of cable.

Pete is spot on on this. Replace the entire set of leads.

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Are you really sure you need to make it longer? Have you looked at just re-routing where the cables run?

You are putting the batteries under the observer seat right?... that is closer to the engine. In stead of running the lines into the storage area behind the observer seat, why not just back the wires up along the hull, so they can just cut over under the seats?

Even then, I didn't have to add any wire to move my batteries under the observer seat. Should be another way than having to replace all your cable

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There was a thread on the site about this and had some great drawings. I think that Wakegirl recently did a similar install......check the threads

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Hey SacRiverRat, you nailed it on the head. I feel like an idiot. Why didn't I think of that? That is definatley what I will do.

Thanks once again


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