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We took our 2002 Malibu out with a boat load 2 weeks ago. Started great. Ran for a while, then started stalling. Just quit dead as if the ignition was shut off. Starts right back up. Runs a few minutes & stalls again. Doesn't seem to matter what speed we are going, it just dies. No sputter, just a sudden stop. Any ideas? We were wondering about a plugged fuel vent, or a poor distributor cap? Any suggestions on where to start?

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I had a similiar issue, just not quite as bad. The boat would act as if I had turned the key off and on intermittantly, especiallly when I hit a wave or something.

I unhooked the cannon plug and very gently with a small scew driver 'bent' the male leads in the plug one way or another and reassembled the plug. It seemed to tighten up the connections in there and never had the problem again.

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Well, I don't think this boat has a cannon plug. Is that possible? There is a main plug, but it's not as you describe it. Did find a breaker switch that looked like it may have been tripped. Reset it. Thanks for helping a girl out with her boat!

The $700 I spent getting it serviced in the fall for the same issue & the $60 repair the shop did on it last week did nothing, so now I'm seeing how technical I can be!

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There has to be some point of connection between the engines wiring harness (from Indmar) and where the Malibu wiring begins. Should be close to the engine. Black cylindrical looking plug with a hose clamp around it.

What does the shop say they are doing ot the boat?

Just curious....What is a Malibu 185? I'm not sure I've every heard of that model?

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On the 'ticket' inside the boat it says it's a Malibu Sport 1850 (sorry). The side says Limited Edition). The engine is a MerCruiser 5.0L MPI.

Last fall the mechanics took a plug out that we couldn't get to. Also just a service. $700...hmmm...I told them about the stalling issue but it appears it wasn't really looked at. Last week they temperature checked and level checked? They thought it may be a water pump because we had an alarm too. Gauges weren't showing anything, but turns out it was a low gear oil alarm. For $60 they filled up the gear oil & it didn't alarm yesterday. However, it's still stalling.

Had done the same stalling thing just at the beginning of the year last year & then didn't do it again. This year however, it doesn't even stay running long enough to give anyone a ride.

Looking at the motor & connections now.

Thanks for any input. An inboard is sure a lot harder to work with!

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I was having the same problem with my 2012 VLX only less frequnetly than you are. My dealer checked all cannon plugs, programs, ect and after it happen on our first run after dewinterization they replace the power button on the dash. Seems to have cured the problem. We'll see. Hope this helps.

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Well, I tried, but apparently I'm not the 'mechanical' girl I'd like to be...Thanks for all the advice. I may be back if the shop boys don't get a handle on it.

I shared all your advice with them, so we'll see!

Here's hoping and thanks again!

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