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Opinions on Cover Color

River Rat

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It is finally time for a new cover for the old boat. I am talking to Cory at Evolution, but want some advice on color. The boat is in my avatar, and is somewhat tan with darker tan accents and some black in the graphics on the side.

I think tan would be crazy because it would get filthy, and the darker tan would be just downright ugly. Black would give the boat some "pop", but I am not sure about a black cover and the heat it would generate. Fort those of you that have a black cover, how hot does it get, and is there any adverse effect on the vinyl and other stuff in the boat??

Your opinions are greatly appreciated!

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I have a gray Malibu cover which came with boat. At first I thought I would have preferred to have black but now I see why gray has been chosen......less heat and maybe less chance of it frying the interior which is causing the glue from the vinyl to discolor.

Gray may not be the sexiest color to go with but functionality is always high on list of wants.

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Check out a Sunbrella color called linen tweed. It's basically dark and light tan colors woven together in a tweed pattern. It's a great color match for Malibu tans. It does not show dirt or stains. The tweed is kinda like a micro camo as far as hiding dirt. The is another tweed called charcoal tweed that's kinda black and grey woven together. It's cooler than black, looks a little better than just boring grey and hides dirt way better than either of the two colors on their own.

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I bought an Evolution cover last year, and it's been great, but I do regret getting it in black. The previous cover on the boat was light gray canvas, but it gets so much hotter in there with the black cover that it is starting to cause some problems inside the boat.

I like how the black cover looks, but since I started using it the thin plastic covering the LCD display on the dash is starting to fade, and we're getting some of the pink mold stuff on the vinyl in a few spots.

I'd get the lightest color that looks ok with your boat...

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Thanks for all of the advice. You all have confirmed my suspicions about the black color. I'm off to find a lighter color that might work!

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Anyone have any experience with Sunbrella "red" colors? I'm wondering if they fade quickly...Thinking of gettting the "dubonnet tweed" which is a mix of red and bladk...

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