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2011 '23 LSV - surfing set-up


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We have an '11 LSV that we've only surfed with stock weight to date. Looking to upgrade the system, but not go over the top (we are recreational surfers, only looking to get something that will give a nice clean wave, and where I don't need to surf just a few feet behind the platform). I don't want to have to add reinforcements to the engine walls, and my preference is to have at least a bit of storage still in the lockers.

Talked to the guys at wakemakers and they suggested their 600 lb bag set-up. Does anyone currently have this set-up that can give me feedback on their experience, and just as importantly what other specs they are using with just stock ballast elsewhere? Specifically, I'm looking for center and front ballast fill specs, boat speed, and wedge postion that have successfully been used with this set-up.

I greatly appreciate it.

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tommy, the guys at WM will steer you right no doubt but your expectations may be a little high with only a 600. Before I bagged my '10 the stock wave with MLS ballast and wedge was marginally surfable. Granted I had a crappy board but the wave was really mushy and short. Some guys are running just a 750 surf side with the MLS and achieved a satisfactory wave (what ever that means) and they didn't have to reinforce the engine dividers. Some are running the 1100 with MLS and you will have to reinforce the wall with it, but it is an easy hand tool job.

I demand a little more from the wave so I am running an 1100 in the trunk, a 750 on the seat and 200 in the bow including the MLS bow, mid and rear surf side only, with out the wedge @ 11.2 mph! My best suggestion would be to try and find someone who has the same hull and actually surf their set up to see if it is for you. I was a rec surfer too until all of my friends found out it doesn't hurt to fall down at 11 mph, now I can't keep them off my boat. :) Its all good though I get almost as much pleasure from watching them surf as I do surfing. Bottom line is WM or Bakes will set you up with what you need the first time and if you need or want more weight the bags are an easy plug in replacement that can be moved to somewhere else in the boat or sold on TMC pretty quicly. Good luck with your search, Bill.

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Thanks Bill. I guess I'm waffling between thinking that 600 is defiinitely going to be better than what we've got now --- and not wanting to put it in and then want more. Also, because I surf goofy I really need to take into consideration the time for emptying one side and filling the other. Unfortunately I'm the only friend who's got a boat :) , so I' not sure I'll get the chance to test out other set ups.

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I am goofy also and if you want to do it right the first time go with a reversible pump. One hole in the keel and you can "T" into another vent line if you are going to run a vent line. I ran a vent line solely for piece of mind so as to not bust a bag or anythig else in the locker. If you look at the prices of bags, between the 600/750 and 1100 it is only like another $100 bucks and you won't be wanting more bag later. The bags don't take up any space when empty either.

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Almost forgot, fill time with my Johnson with 1" line on my 1100 is between 9 and 10 minutes depending on how the bag is sitting and it is not a full 1100 lbs. I cant remember what the 750 was, but full it was slightly less. I have them both on one pump with a "Y" valve I got from WMs also. I have my hoses with quick connects so I can run the bags in either locker or in the center of the boat if I get the occasional advanced wake boarder. I have pictures over in the the boat house.

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I am trying to tune my 23' 07 LSV and after talking with WM yesterday they steered me to a 600lb bag for my rear locker, and suggested I increase my speed from 9.8 to about 11. Does anyone have any opinions about this, and best way to get a surfable wave?

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1100 bag for the surfside trunk, maxed out to 800-900 or so.. You wont need reinforcements as the boat will lean... and the weight will be on the hull. Guys doing wake sports at 22mph need to reinforce as the boat is even and it does push in on those engine dividers, not so when you lean and surf.

500lb? 12"x14" 6ft long tube for under the surf side seats.

I have spent decent time in your same boat surfing. This is what you need to get a decent thigh high wave. If you wanna be froggy and go bigger put another 750-1100lbs on top of the surf side seats. if you wanna do that you will need to reprop to the ACME 2315 using the 350 motor for that much weight

If you do as described above, you will have a raging surf wave.

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Is the 800 really going to make that much difference versus the 600? I usually have a decently filled boat, and have someone sit on the corner seat right on the rear pad. that's roughly 200 lbs right there.

I'm also extremely hesitant to drill anything in the side of the boat...

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other thing I also considered is paring the 600 lb bags, then purchasing 200 lbs or so of lead in pop bags that I could move from side to side.

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2 more questions:

  • does the auto shut-off still work with the PNP bags? i.e. when i hit surf left, the ballast shuts off when the rear left is full. Does it still do this, or do I have to watch for it the overflow to start and turn it off manually?
  • Does the 750 fit nicely in the rear locker? From Wavemakers, it sounded as though the 600 might be a better fit back there. I'm happy to go with 750 if it doesn't push up against anything too badly in the LSV.

I'm now thinking to get 400 lbs from lead wake that i can move around, and couple it with 750's.

Appreciate any further insights.

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I have a '12 LSV and have a 750lb bag in the locker and it fits just fine with plenty of room on top as well for vests and things. I run Left, center and front MLS full, 750lb in locker full, NO wedge, 10.6mph and had 4 adults in the boat, one driving and 3 on the port side seats and the wave was pretty nice.

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Awesome, thanks for the input! I ordered 750's plus 400 lbs of lead, so hopefully that will make for a nice wake. I'll have to experiment with the wedge. No wedge, huh? Is that the norm?

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Where did you order your lead from? I have a second 750 to use for wakeboarding but I'm told I probably can't fill both full without adding weight to the bow and lead may be a good option.

Yes no wedge at this point, the wave was just cleaner without. I'm curious though what others say about using the wedge.

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