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22 mxz 750 ballast install


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Sooo wanted to put this up to help other people in my situation who are trying to get the perfect wake in 22 mxz.

so ordered most parts through wake makers, got sacs and fitting through wholesaler canada side, and ball valves and such home depo.


1-1 inch through haul

2-1inch side threw hauls

20 feet inch hose 5 of clear

2 check valves

lots of ss clamps

johnson pump switch

home depo-----

all 1 inch fittings and ball valve( way cheaper there)

plastic shut off valves

HO Sports-----

2-fly high sacs

4 sets of 1 1/8 quick connects

Install took about 6 hours

1 drill hole underneath haul (very scary)

2 install shut off valve route hose to back

3 I moved the blower and installed the pump at the very back of the boat on the wall

4 from the pump now more hose to a T

5 from the T separate shut offs to quick connects to bag ( trick is to mount pump and hosing very low so

6 quick connect out of bag to check valve(make sure route hose up high so you can fill your whole bag)

7 hose to out out fitting of boat

So the way i set it up is you open the cooler hatches ( no more coolers which we never used anyways) and can open and or close the valves to fill selected bag and i installed switch back there are well (i.e. zap straps/ tape) because you should keep on a eye when its filling rather then mount switch at helm. Note running pump dry will damage you impeller -just like a boat!

This is a great set up because you can suck the bags down like a pancake and if you leave the pump running you won't over fill the bag.

Takes under 6 mins to fill which is about the same time as it takes to fill the stock centre with the 1100 pirañas.

Butttt i still this i need more weight sooo prob going to pick up 1 more 750 to put up front. Prob be ronix quick fill bag so i can move it around( if the ever ship the dam bags out :( errr.

My set up

wedge or down ( found wake is way steeper all the way down but allot of cross wash so wedge up def cleaner)

stock 250 and 750 in rear

450 center

front ballst full

(soon 750 on side specific front)

Any suggestions are welcome thanks mitch plus if you ever want to rent a vlx i rent them in harrison hot springs BC CANADA! ( harrisonwatersports.com )

Photos coming soon once i figure how to put them on here lol

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What size engine do you have? Did you change your prop?

I have added the 750's to the rear lockers and when i have full bags, full gas, and 7 people I ended up having to put 5 in the front to plane off.

Currently running the high altitude prop and wondering what I could change to help.

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2419 is that prop you want i have a 22mxz with the 410 L96. with 1100 in the rears 400 in the walk through and 650 bow sac and 9 people in the back with the wedge up 3 clicks it will still plane and runs 38-39 WOT and will cruise at 30 mph

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i wish i had the L96 but have the 350. Will it work with that engine too?

I was doing some reading on the 5 blade props. Definitely need more hole shot - that or additional weight up front.

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Have the 410 l96 great motor havent replaced prop still stock prop pretty sure its a 1235 though. The dealer said the 350 might be under powered for the boat when we bought it so we upgraded. Dont get me wrong though 350 is a great motor our 2006 vlx that we just sold had 1450 hours on it and didnt miss a beat. i would try this 2419 prop roscoeyo is suggesting.

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Soooo finally did some surfing tonight; and lost the swim deck as a result got to say never had that happen before! Stock malibu latchs came right out because of the movement of water lol. so now for grade 8 bolts with nylocks. But this is what work great for us!

5 people in boat only! include driver the other 4 on rider side of boat

front empty

center empty

stock left plus 750 in corner

wedge up all the way

and result was a very streap very viable 12 foot long

Great wave plus we were riding in 1/ .5 foot waves

work great for me! now to get 360 down! good by fins:)

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I would love to hear how the 2419 works for you. I have the 350 engine as well and the boat will not plane with the 750s full and mine has the high altitude prop. I have to send everybody to the front even with the bow and mid ship full.

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Some Photos from week ago in half foot chop and only 8 people in the boat. The boat is maxed out new prop next season.4753_10153245597060232_379171330_n.jpg1237942_10153245594420232_1554261899_n.j


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