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So everything was fine until yesterday I sat in idle for about 15 minutes while my neighbor jumped his dead battery off my boat. Engine temp. went up to about 200 but when I speed up it went right back down to 160. Everyhting seemed good and then when wake boarding the temp went up again and noted excessive smoke from exhaust under swim platform. Killed engine, let it cool down and then idled back to dock. Let it sit for an hour and then started engine and temp went up after about 2 minutes while in idle.

So, my research in the forum tells me impellar, thermometer and check transmission cooler for clog. this is all new to me.

Could someone post some pics of where these things are on my engine so I can check/replace these things?

There also seem to be excessive water in the bottom of the engine compartment so I guess I should check all the hose clamps.

you guys saved me from hauling out of the water with a fuel pump issue last year. Hoping for the same. Thankss

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impeller Globe100J_SM.jpg is in a housing F6Bpump_SM.jpg that is probably painted black and is

bolted to the front of the engine at the crank. 4 very small (#10?) brass bolts hold the cover on. remove the cover, squirt some binding slime then spin the engine over just a tiny bit (crank it w/o the safety lanyard attached and watch out for moving machinery). pull the rubber impeller and inspect. replace it if it was not replaced this year. don't over torque those fasteners while pinning it back together, they are brass and will strip / break easily.

transmission cooler transcooler5in_SM.jpg

is probably painted black also. follow the hoses from the trans to the front of the engine and you will find the cooler. fresh / cold water runs through it and is isolated from the trans. fluid. pull the coolant hose from the lower end of the trans. cooler and pull out all of the debris.

thermostat is located in a housing at the top/front of engine. i would not go there unless the impeller is perfect and the trans cooler is clear of trash.

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Thanks. Impellar completely shredded. Removed hose from there to trans. cooler and poured out a handful of rubber . Pulled impellar out, came out easily. Hopefully ski shop will have replacement tomorrow.

I believe some rubber went back in the hose from the main water inlet on bottom of boat. Take this hose and clean out also?

Thanks. You guys are great. Hopefully will be up running tomorrow.

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I believe some rubber went back in the hose from the main water inlet on bottom of boat. Take this hose and clean out also? YES!

The new impeller will not go in as easy......but will go it fairly easy if you use some silicone lube (or the like) on it prior to fitting it in. Get two of these and keep one for a spare.

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