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Scrubbing your life away

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I took the Malibu out to a local lake and left it on the water for about a week. When I pulled the bu out I had a brown water line all the way around the boat. I I didn't wipe it down promptly. I drove about 5 miles down the road to a local car wash and sprayed it down and wiped it off. Scum line still there in full effect. Next day I was determined to get it off so I washed it again scrubbing with fury this time. Scum line still shining bright. Today I tried slimy grimy. I simply sprayed it on, lightly brushed it, then rinsed. Boom! Scum line gone. I am in no way or form affiliated with slimy grimy. It does work though so next time you are scrubbing your life away try slimy grimy. It might save you some time. I waxed the boat in march I'm not sure if slimy grimy eats the wax off but I'm probably going to wax it again tomorrow.

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I have seen a few people on here talking about it. I'm going to try it on other things this week ill post how it goes. I really wish I would have taken before and after pics.

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I picked some up on amazon for $20. My results with it not all that great. Maybe it works better on certain "grime than others. I would stick with the $5 tonic

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What exactly is the 5$ tonic. And do you have to wax the boat after using the tonic. I'm pretty lazy expecially when it comes to waxing a boat when it's 100 degrees out side. I paid 20$ after shipping and all.

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I use Sno Bowl toilet cleaner (or Snow Bowl? can't remember how it's spelled and I'm at work). It's very cheap, like $3? and it works great! The problems with it are that you have to be very careful because it can discolor the paint on your trailer and I'm sure it removes all of your wax so I always wax right afterward. We have hard water where we ski and the summer sun bakes the hard water onto the fiberglass. We also get a scum line and this works great on both. I use an old washcloth, get it wet but then wring it out. Apply a small amount of Sno Bowl to the cloth and wipe a small section of boat down, then rinse it with plenty of fresh water right away. Don't just slop it on because then the drips can get into your trailer and cause the discoloration. You might also want to wear rubber gloves - I've used it not realizing I have a small cut or nick in my skin and it will sting. If the scum line is bad, sometimes you have to leave the Sno Bowl on there longer, or rinse it and apply again.

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Mix 50% Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with 50% Hydrogen Peroxide.

The Lysol MUST BE the blue gell stuff with NO chlorine.

Spray it on, wipe with a towel, and rinse it off. It will strip the wax so, plan on doing a full wash and wax afterward.


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