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Trailer Issue

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I know its not a really big deal, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I just picked up my 247 with the Bling Extreme Trailer, with the jack on the trailer all the way up, I still can not get the receiver under the trailer, ( for the right pulling height, not much of a slant at all) they loaded it on my truck with a forklift. I have a 6x6 block of wood under the jack wheel so I could get it off the truck. Does anyone know if there is a longer jack that I can get from Extreme, I wanna keep everything the way it should be. I was trying to find a cool block to go under it, but then I would not be able to move it around. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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It sounds to me like you need a bigger drop in your receiver. Even if it looks like your trailer is riding level, an additional 1" or even 1 1/2" drop will make all the difference. You shouldn't have that much trouble hooking the trailer up.

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It has a slight rack to it, not much, but I will have to go from a 2" drop to a 4" or bigger and then it will look akward and won't pull as well.

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'06 Dodge Ram Dually, but that shouldn't matter due that the boat has to be at a certain level.

With a truck that big it sure seems like you'd need a bigger drop receiver. I don't think you'll have to worry about it towing poorly, but if it does, return the receiver. Is your trailer level with the jack cranked all the way up? It seems like it should be tilted back.

I haven't seen extended jacks in the same style that comes on the trailer. I have seen them with a foot instead of wheel.

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It doesn't matter how big or small the truck is SJ. The thing he's getting at is with the trailer level on the truck. The jack will not lift the trailer off the truck and thats not good. I would call the dealer and tell them the problem. One thing that could have happened is that Extreme put on the wrong jack and the dealer should be able to replace it with no problem.

Yes there are taller jacks out there. If you have to buy it (you shouldn't have too) drive down to napa and see what they can find for you.

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D-GOOSE is right- the size of the truck doesn't matter much. It very well could be the wrong size jack on the trailer however this quote is suspect:

not much of a slant at all


It has a slight rack to it, not much

The trailer should ride completely level. Sometimes it's hard to gauge if you are parked on an incline or in a driveway. That is more likely your problem. Lower the ball so the trailer rides as level as possible and I'd bet your problems would be solved.

If not, post some pics so we can really argue. Biggrin.gif

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Great pick up on his wording. Thumbup.gif I all so seen this

It has a slight rack to it, not much, but I will have to go from a 2" drop to a 4" or bigger

And that is what makes me think its the wrong jack.

Maybe the dealer has a 4" drop that you could try, to see if it makes a diff. That way you don't have to buy one first.

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I use a brick to help with the same problem you are having. I also don't like to have the jack all the way out while in storage. The way I found to get my trailer level was to measure the clearance on both of the tires to the top of the wheel well. Tows much better than my original set up. You can also take a level to the trailer and match it to the ground you are sitting on.

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It does not seem like it would make much difference but tow ball height makes a big difference.

If trailer tongue is too high if trailer brakes lock up, you could jackknife real easy. If trailer tongue is too low braking wheels are not in firm contact with the road and will lock up real easy, letting the trailer push the truck. Either situation is very dangerous.

Both of these scenarios are made more serious as Extreme uses a torsion type axle and not leaf springs which are more forgiving as far as trailer attitude. My '04 Extreme is level with the top of the towball 20-1/2" off the ground. (in my garage-level slab) This is all realative to wheel tire combo, low profile trailer, stiffness of rear springs of tow vehicle, load in boat, load in tow vehicle....

The bottom line is for your trailer to work safely (properly) it needs to be "level" to within about an inch.

Using a longer ball mount may look a little funny especially on lifted trucks, but safety usually requires function over fashion....

Good luck!


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OK guys here it is, with the jack all the way up the trailer still looks as the bow is lower than the rest. As D-Goose stated, the truck should not matter, this is true, for it to be completely level I would probably need like a 1" drop ball, but don't think they make it. Going to a 4" drop will only make matters worse. I need to see if Extreme has a longer jack, and that will fix everything. I greatly appreciate all of ya'lls input, but my BU dealer will be getting a call on Tuesday morning to see about another jack.



P.S. : I will take some pics tomorrow if the camera has enough juice ( I don't have the charger ) so you guys can see the problem

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