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selling my boat

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that will likely give you a middle man that will get some of the profit. It may be beneficial to put it in ebay or similar as it gives you national exposure at a relatively low cost. Many people looking for a boat will check out sites such as ebay or boattrader.

just my 2cents

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If you're buying a new Malibu, you may be able to negotiate a sweeter deal either on the purchase of the new boat or the sale of the old one, or possibly both if he knows that he's getting something out of each sale. If not, then you'll be more at his mercy, although truly, whether it's you or him, you won't have trouble selling an '04 LSV if it's anywhere close to reasonably priced.

Really though, it comes down to whether or not you want to deal with selling a boat yourself & how much of the profit that you're willing to part with to not have to do that.

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We co-signed our jet skis when we wanted to sell them. We said we wanted no less then 4,300 and they said OK. We got a check about a week later for the 4,300. I think that they made $200 or so by selling them for 4,500.

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Everyone always wants something different. You can negotiate the percentage. Whatever they want to take then just work it backwards to find out what your bottom line is. We are getting ready to take our Nautique up to No Wake (Malibu dealer) But our price there will be slightly higher than if the buyer finds it on their own through one of my listings. I can still bring my own buyer and sell it myself. Don't forget http://www.ski-it-again.com http://www.flipsell.com and http://www.boats.com All will let you list for free. Ski it again lets you post about 10 pictures. Here is our listing to check out:


Worth giving a try before paying the big bucks for ebay or boat trader

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I got the most interest, (although not the eventual buyer) from craigslist.com. its free. also the local paper, i didnt think boattrader was worth the $$, no hits from it.

best of luck!

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LSone and I both sold our boats through www.boattraderonline.com. In fact, this is the 3rd boat I sold through them. I usually buy the more expensive ad and have done real well. Craigslist also generated some interested. I put it on flip-sell and got notta. You could also post your boat on wakeworld and wakeboarder.com there free, but again I got no hits from either.

Good Luck!

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With the dealer, I think it really varies as far as percentage. If you want to go that route, I'd just try to negotiate a hard price that you want to get out of the boat & then let the dealer get what he can for it over that amount. There is a car lot that we've consigned trucks on in the past & that system seems to work well.

As for other sites, I've usually gotten a lot of hits from the Boattrader, but the last boat actually sold because of posting it on Wakeworld. :) The bottom line is, the more exposure that you can generate the better (read, post the ad in as many places as you can find, no matter how remote they may be - free is still free).

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I have sold two boats on flipsell relatively quickly. Boattrader online also seems like a good sight. If you want to sell your boat within a week, I would put it on e-bay. It costs you a minimum amount and sells quick. I would not suggest a dealer, since they are taking money out of your pocket.

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Some dealers here won't help you at all. Others charge 10%. Try boattrader.com first. If the price is right it should sell pretty quickly.

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