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Can I put as screw here?


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Ok, so I'm working on building my amplifier board and the plan is to mount it about 2" off the back wall of the passengers storage compartment. (Under the glove compartment, where the batteries are located) I am planning on cuttiing back the carpet and glueing down a 2x2 stringer on the left side of the board. It will sit on the outside angled part of the hull. (NO SCREWS for sure there just glue). My issue is on the ride side of the compartment. There is what looks like a column in the far back corner (roughly 2 x 2 square) from the floor up to the deck for the glove box. This is where I want to run two screws through to mount the board to. Above it is just the glove box and dash and the windshield. So I can't imagine any plumbing or electrical running through it. Behind it is the back support cushion for the bow seats. To the right is the opening to the bow. So in theory their shouldn't be anything I can hit or damage. My thoughts are that it is extra thick or boxed out their to strength that corner. So should I go for it and screw into it or mount another 2 x 2 stringer with glue only to the left side of it. Sorry no pics forgot the camera and can't get to it tonight. Will try to stop tomorrow and grab some pics. Oh yea this is on a 2006 VLX, thanks

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On my boat that 2X2 is a square metal tube and it is hollow. I screwed a new HDPE amp board in that location and into the seat back on the left side. I think if I was to do it again I would mount (screw or glue) two square aluminum tubing stringers to the seat back and mount my amp board (HDPE) to that. It would be easier to be able to screw into the new tubing instead of trying to get into the corners and I could install screws all the way across the amp board instead of just the edges.

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Sweet, thank you thats what I was hoping for. Metal tube, huh. Was it hard to screw into will I need to pre drill? That setup of yours looks really clean. I'll post some pics of mine when its done.

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Yes I would pre drill. It's hard not to lose the hole in the carpet so put a small dot on the carpet with a sharpie or some similar marker. If you screw into the seat back, use the shortest screw you can so it won't go into the seat.

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