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Add'l Ballast Advice for 2013 VTX w/surf-gate

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Just ordered a 2013 VTX with stock MLS and Bow Ballast. Looking for advice on what additional ballast would be needed to utilize the Hi Flow PNP.

We are new to wake boarding and surfing this year. I would like to buy additional ballast for the rear lockers but not sure of the size needed to properly weight the VTX with Surf-gate for surfing and wake boarding. I have read through a lot of posts on this forum and it just made me more confused. Should I get the largest bags available so I have the ability to fill as needed or go for something smaller?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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Correction to this post.

A pair of 750's in the rear lockers work nice, but they are actually much larger than needed on a VTX. They are $149 each with quick connects for an additional $7. These are 50 x 20 x 20. This bag uses a top vent fitting.

The plug 'n play "malibu" sac's are 550 lbs each, and fit the VTX just about perfectly. These are $250 each, and have all the ports on the floor for simple plug 'n play connections. These are 37.5x19.5x19. On a VTX without additional bow ballast these are actually more than you need, as you can run these about 75% full, and with only 25% wedge for the normal side wave and no wedge for the goofy side for a great wave.

We have not tried adding bow ballast on top of the bow MLS tank yet.


Edit : Corrected info regarding the plug 'n play sacs.

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