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Vinyl Cleaning - Goof Off?

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I accidentally got a small bit of fiberglass resin on a seat cushion on my boat (long story about a subwoofer box and really old resin/hardener). I tried a few vinyl cleaners on it with no luck. Then I stumbled across my bottle of Goof Off and decided to try that. About the time I finished removing the fiberglass resin spot I happened to read the back where it says "May harm some plastics and vinyl". Oops. So I quickly soaked the area with warm soapy water and put some ArmorAll on it.

Has anyone else used this stuff before? I ask because now I have this REALLY clean spot (even cleaned down into the grain of the vinyl) but it's only been about 24 hours since I did it and so far no issues with the vinyl. I'd love to do the rest of the cushion to make it uniformly clean but I don't want to inflict anymore harm if it indeed harms the vinyl.

Are there other products that you've used that have similar results? I've tried ArmorAll vinyl cleaner and I think another one from Turtlewax but neither cleaned down into the grain.

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Bad idea. Goof off is like a solvent. It will even destroy glue that holds carpets to the backing. The reason you have a very clean spot is because it probably removed the protective pvc coating on the vinyl.

The best thing to use is some warm water and a little soap with a semi-soft bristle brush and gently scrub down into the grain removing the dirt. That will not remove resin though I'm afraid.

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So I quickly soaked the area with warm soapy water and put some ArmorAll on it.

Sorry don't have any advice re: the fiberglass, but another no-no for you. ArmorAll is bad stuff...don't use it. your vinyl will crack -- Stay away.

Get some Aerospace 303 protectant and use it frequently to protect your vinyl for the long haul...

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Even if you see no visible damage immediately, conventional wisdom says stuff like that will lead to premature 'brittleness.' Wouldn't surprise me if it actually ate away some of the vinyl, which is why it looks so clean.

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agree....way too strong for vinyl

I disagree, depending on the type of Goof-Off you used.

There are two kinds.

One is solvent based, it has a distinct solvent odor to it and comes in a metal can (small, med. & 1 gallon).

The other is water-based. It comes in a plastic spray bottle that is orange. The water-based kind can safely be used on vinyl and even leather.

Couple years ago, I bought a used truck w/ tan leather seats that were so dirty they were black. I soaked them in water-based Goof-Off and rubbed them with a terry cloth towel. They came out looking like new! I then treated them with leather conditioner and they had that "new from the factory shine".

I would totally recommend using it and did on my boat (when I still had it) Cry.gif

Hope this helps...

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