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Wet Sounds AS-10

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Does anyone have any experience with this unit?


I'm looking to add a sub to an 11' VTX and was thinking this could be a simple option that I could install myself in the hatch under the consol.

It runs about $550.

Or would it be more worth it to have a bigger sub installed under the helm and pay a little bit more?

Any suggestions for boxes that will fit under the helm? I haven't had much look researching online.


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We put one of these in a pontoon boat last season and were very pleased with it.

The box is matched perfectly for the woofer so you get the absolute optimal performace out of the box. The box is solid and waterpoof so you will never have any issues there and it will probably outlast the boat. The built in amp is nice as well and it is specifically matched for the woofer. All you really need to do add power ground and remote and a signal cable such as an RCA.

Tuning it was a breeze as well. I was not present when it was tuned but my bro in law called WS and spoke with Guyver and they had it bumin in a couple minutes.

For an all in one solution - it is a great deal.

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