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proper use of the power wedge?


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:)Yahoo.gif picked up the new baby yesterday!!!

After getting her home and loading up all the stuff we went out for a ride and to play around.

With no intentions of boarding, i didnt put any water in the ballasts, so when i went to put the wedge down the nose came up pretty high and i didnt remember this at all when we demo'd. so did this happen because there was no ballast? i was going about 10 mph. My fabulous dealer told us to cycle the wedge up and down a couple of time for the gauge to read correctly.

(I intend to curl up this afternoon with a good read of the manuals) Is it best to only operate the power wedge at a certain speed or just to be over 1000 rpm's?? and then do you just leave it in position when you start and stop, between pulls? ;)

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The first thing you need to do is post pictures of your baby in your gallery

so we can all see what it looks like! Biggrin.gif

Biggrin.gif yes, yes, i know!

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We like pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! Biggrin.gif

Don't worry about it!!

I think if you give it a little more throttle the nose will come down.

When we went on the demo, I remember the gauge for the power wedge

was a little goofy, and we cycled thru it a couple times before it gave a reading.

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Of all of the Malibus I've ridden in & driven, the new VLX is the most problematic for bowrise. It probably wasn't that noticeable on the demo ride because you probably had the tanks full. Keeping one or both of the forward tanks full will help bring the nose down a bit, but either way you'll probably end up keeping the bolster seat up most of the time & when surfing you may have to do like I do & just stand while driving (very wally-ish, I know, but I'm not a tall person & it just makes it easier to get a good view of what's in the boat's path).

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Okay, leaving the wedge in the same position when you start and stop between pulls is fine. That way you don't have to find the sweet spot that you like again. Remember, those of us that had the 'old' wedge system, when it was engaged it was engaged all the time at one position.

As far as the bow rise goes to, obviously with no bow ballast, your going to get more bow lift. And with the wedge being able to move into all different positions, it's going to cause the boat to react very differently. As you start to move the wedge down while powering, that thing will be at about a 45 degree angle getting a big bite out of the water. I would assume that it would be a lot less aggressive in the full down position. Keep experimenting.

By the way, where are the pictures?

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