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Anyone got a napa part number for the 5.7L Indmar (99) Monsoon?


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Why PM? Share it please!! I've stumped a few Napa and Autozone associates with that one!!

Don't really care to list it since the good dealers on this site carry them too. But if someone asks for auto place part number, then I would help them out with it. But I have found that my local auto parts stores around here don't have them, and I had to go to Ebay to get it.

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Why PM? Share it please!! I've stumped a few Napa and Autozone associates with that one!!

Here is a link to


I confirmed the price with Paul who we all trust completely. He allows that there have been price increases from Indmar on parts that are no longer stocked for current production.

I will apologize for my doomsday thoughts but I am afraid that this type of inflation is on the way for us across the board.

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Probably not a popular response but I don't believe Indmar manufactures these so Bake's or your local dealer can't be the only place to get them and pay 4 times as much.

I didn't mean to imply that indmar manufactures fuel regulators. Yes, I found a similar part through NAPA, its not exactly the same as the $270 part, but it worked all summer long without a hitch. (as far as I know) My concern is the inflation that is foreshawdowed by was a part that was available six months ago for less than $100 and is now priced at $270. Call it Boz's Fuel Regulator Price Index. Have you priced hamburger meat lately? Same idea.

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Why PM? Share it please!! I've stumped a few Napa and Autozone associates with that one!!

I don't have this part on my boat, BUT, I totally agree with sharing part numbers to all. This has nothing to do with the good places we can get parts at that we all know about and use pretty much faithfully for a number of reasons..

AND, I'll bet you will see the good places consider their prices. It's supply and demand folks, and IMO it needs to stay that way.

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It is an antiquated GEN-I SBC. Parts will be easily found for these motors for many years to come - there isn't a more common V8 on the planet. I wouldn't worry about using any Indmar specific parts...IMO a lot of their stuff is inferior to what you can find in the aftermarket offerings.

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