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I would like to help, but after reading this post I whent and looked at my spec sheet, as I just bought the boat, only to find out that the specs on the prop aren't listed. I'll have to touch bases with the dealer and get the low down.


Just a subnote, my understanding is that Malibu tunes the specific boats performance directly with the hull type, engine type, hp, etc. with the props. Shouldn't be a need to change the prop out.

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That's what I kind of thought. I know on my old SLXI a lot of guys swaped for the 515 or 525 but wasn't sure if that was necessary for the TXI. I would imagine Malibu has this one well tuned.


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I have been running a 525 at sea level and just bought a 515 to try to get the RPMs down a little. I've got a '12 TXi with the 6.0 engine. I'll try to remember to post my findings when I get the boat back in the water.

Anyone else have experience/preference between 515 and 525?

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Acme 515. Pulls well for both slalom and wake surfing and RPMs at WOT are dead on for the 6.0L. Previous owner did run a 449 on it for a softer pull, but I never got a chance to ski it with the 449 so can't speak to how noticeable a difference it is. I would think the 525 would be a little too harsh.


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I've skied the 515 and 525 on 2008 and 2009 Response LXIs respectively. There was no appreciable difference behind the boats as far as pull or wake. There is only a half of an inch pitch difference between the two but some changes to cup.

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I haven't put the boat back in the water - so no results yet.

But I did just receive the AWSA towboat certification info and the way I read it, they certified the 5.7 engine with the 525 prop and the 6.0 engine with the 515 for tournaments.

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The way it's worded you can't mix and match on the TXI either. My experience was with the 350 monsoon (5.7 liter) in both cases so all being equal the 515 and 525 felt the same behind the boat. I didn't recall RPM at 36 MPH but the difference won't be earth shattering.

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Just a quick update to my prop change. I propped down to the 515 and am very happy. It brought the RPMs down and I feel that the prop wash/wake is less turbulent (and maybe a little softer). This is also the AWSA tournament approved prop, so I like to practice the same way I'll get pulled in a tournament.

There is no downside to speak of in my early season experience so far. This is for my 2012 6.0 at sea level.

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