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No video input for maliview

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Well after just getting our 2009 vlx a month ago, I decided to try out the video input. When trying to connect my iPhone I realized there was no video input, just a usb, headphones jack, 12 volt cigarette plug and an optical audio input, no video input. Underneath it appeared to have an s video cable that wasn't connected to anything. Am I missing something here?

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I have the same set up on my '10, IIRC there are some subtle differences between the 09/10 so video/audio opton may not work on your 09, but ICBW. If it does you will have to use a 3.5mm into a 2 RCA jack adapter for auidio/video. If you are just looking to run your phone you will need a 3.5mm male to male to plug the phone in. I modified mine so I could run/store the phone in the drivers side elbow cubby hole with a 10' long 3.5mm cable. Works like a champ but you will have to notch a hole near the 3.5mm jackin the glove box to run the wire. If you try to charge and listen to any device at the same time you are going to get some electrical feedback when, chargng only though. Good luck, Bill.

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Marty- the 11's and newer have a yellow RCA video input there in the glove box. Seems yours doesn't have one.

All you need is that yellow RCA in, and the 3.5mm input for sound and you are in business. Call your dealer and ask him where to tap into the Malivue for that RCA video in under the dash, and then run that RCA over to the glove box so it is next to the 3.5mm input.

Mine will play back recorded video from a GoPri, or I can even play movies for the kids streamed off NetFlix.

I could not get the S-video to work with anything other than MP3s on your iPod.... I could not et the s-video cable to play Pandora.

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I appreciate everyone's help. FYI, I wrote Malibu about the issue to try and figure it out. Got an email this morning from Dan Moorman who is a tech advisor at Malibu. Apparently, the boat did not come from the factory with a radio, which he thought might have been the start of the problem, but he is sending out an RCA video input free of charge. Also, he said he would help with installation instructions as well. I am excited for the quick response and hopefully have video running this weekend.

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