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Titan alpha 1 replacement surf speaker


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Looking for 6 1/2 replacement for Titan alpha 1 cans. Did a search and found the kicker horn system but I think I would rather have a surf setup. I just received my exile sx65m speakers for the cabin and thought I could work them in the cans but the bolt circle is to big. I am looking at marine speakers capable of handling 75 to 150 watts rms. I leaning toward the Polk mm651 but I can't find bolt circle dimensions. Any one have recommendations for this setup ?

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Before you discount your first idea, try and get a listen to them. They do not sound like a traditional 6.5 pro-axial HLCD. I do not know the bolt pattern of the others, but I believe the OD is 6.755" and the hole cut-out is 5-1/6". The bolt hole dia should fall right in the middle of that. Most any quality 6.5 coax should be happy with that power.

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will the spider not fit or its just the holes don't line up? If you put something other than mb quart (oem) in the cans, I think you may have to just drill some new mounting holes. Will probably entail some MacGuyver'ing.

Are teh factory drivers kaput or you are looking for something "nicer"?

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The speakers mount from the rear side of the plastic grills. And the grills then front load and mount to the aluminum extrusion. The extrusion interior has four threaded receptacles for the grill hardware.

You can elimnate the chrome plastic grill with a replacement adapter ring plus different hardware and use any 6.5" or 7.7" speaker of your choice. 7.7"s are available from several manufacturers including a pretty good surf speaker.


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David I searched your site for this adaptor ring with no luck, could someone point me in the right direction to find info on this.

I was planning on some mcguyvering, I will look at the exiles again and see if I could redrill them.

The oems have seen better days and after removing them I would like a better quality speaker than the MB.

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With most contemporary marine coaxials or surf speakers, the grill is an integral part and serves as a bridge to mount the tweeter. So you will be challenged to get a secure fit and seal. Also, in the Titan product there are very shallow screws that attach the speaker and this would eliminate the use of a heavier surf speaker.

Disassemble your pods and have a look. I am under the opinion that eliminating the Titan grill and fabricating adaptor rings is the way to go.


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Some time ago, StarOne had a conversion kit for the Kicker horns into the Alpha 1 cans. Bakes still has the page up, but no link on their site anymore. Nothing currently on tower speakers on Star One site. So, not sure who could even get this, but it seemed to be an option at one point.


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Yes I can still get the kicker set up, still on the fence with the polk mm651. Rode in a friends boat with wetsounds horns, to harsh in the cabin for me, just want a clean powerful surf speaker.

I figured out how to get the big Jl's in there but I don't like the look without the chrome trim.

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