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How do I remove this?

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One of the alternator bracket bolts failed prior to me purchasing the boat. I didn't realize this until the other bolt failed and began rubbing on the crankshaft "wheel" next to it. This occurred mid-season and so I planned for doing this over the winter. In the first hyperlink, I am trying to identify the crankshaft "wheel" with the arrow tip on it and also how to remove it so I can file/sand and repaint. The circled bolt is the one of the two that failed, which I have since replaced. Whats the crankshaft "wheel" official name? and how do I remove it?


I have begun to disassemble it but I am stuck now and approaching a point in engine maintenance I've never been before. See the following.

Partially disassembled




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I wouldn't bother removing the harmonic balancer just for a little cosmetic wear.

What you really need to be concerned about is that you get the updated bracket for the alt. Those were a known failure in the 2000s.

Read this thread. (good thing it didn't get archived)

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Thanks Guys. I mean it is only cosmetic but its bugging me and thought it'd be a good off-season project.

Pete I also looked into the updated bracket when this happened but decided to go with replacement bolts (same grade or higher). I have 2 spares in the boat too in case one sheers. If it happens again though I'll look into it.

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No offence but if you don't know the name of that part I wouldn't be removing it. To do it right you should also use a special installation tool to put it back on, the damper bolt has to be torqued to a spec and the installation depth can influence alignment of your pulleys. You could easily repair the cosmetic damage with it installed.

I cringed when you mentioned a file. The damper isn't something I would be taking a file to, sand paper, a wire brush or a light scotchbright disk on an air grinder is about the most I would ever take to one of those.

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I would just run the motor, hit the outer portion of the harmonic balancer with some sand paper, wipe with brake clean-soaked rag, then put a paint brush with flat black paint up against it. Of course, only at idle.

Something like this...

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Good points. Pete, I like the idea. Thanks for the help. Wayne I don't even own a file for this kind of job so I wasn't going to use one anyways - just trying to get my point across but I realize specific details can mean different to different people so I will try to be more exact in the future.

Looks like this will wait till the warmer months when the boat's back in the water.

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