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Water Spots.

VLX Crush

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I am trying to remove water spots from my boat and am looking for opinions on what has worked for other people. Let me know what you have used. What works and what does not.

Thanks Crush

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boat bling hot sauce works great as an instant detailer and spot remover. However, I now use a professional grade instant detailer from the local pro detail supply store. A gallon is like ten bucks and works great for our water. Some people have vinegar mixtures for stubborn spots but that will strip wax. For anything absolutely horrendous try collinites fiberglass cleaner then be sure to wax back over it. A high quality frequent waxing goes a long way for preventing stubborn water spots.

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Boat Candy Speed Gloss 10/10

Hot Sauce 8/10

Both work terrific, but I put the Boat Candy ahead because it leaves carnuba wax behind, super smooth waxed feel to the mirror finish. Seems like once you get your base coat it it on there, you use less and less because it leave some behind and is water repellant. you can skip using it and just use a dry rag and get 90% the same result with none after a few good coats.

Hot Sauce is terrific also, but leaves no wax...and I suspect it strips a little of the wax away each time you use it. Seems like you continue use a little more... and will look terrible if you dont use it or skip the Hot Sauce and just do a quick dry rag wipe down.

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Ya, I know it says that it doesnt strip, but the water doesnt bead up like a freshly waxed finish IMO after 5+ uses with the hotsauce... aboves describes my thoughts and experiences with it after about 60days and about 2/3 of a gallon of it. My conditions here in the summer are extreme...extremely hot, as in 110-115degs...Perhaps its because I dont use their wax along with it...the quickie sauce wasnt quick...its a full wax just liquid.

both work extremely well dissolving and removing waterspots BTW. I just had better results and a better looking boat using the Speed Gloss. Also, my Tundra is black, I use it on there sometimes and it makes it look amazing.

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BS makes a good point. Different levels of waterspots. Right tool for right job. Recently hit a black boat with special acid to remove years and years of waterspots on a black boat. Thankfully it turned out better than 60 grit :)

BS, we're in Milwaukie. www.nwboatsports.com We do hull scrubs :) Where is your boat moored in the summer? It's been an exhausting fall. Economy must be getting better b/c it's been hull scrub, oil, tranny, winterize, interior detail, exterior detail, fix gelcoat, etc....not just oil change, winterize.

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Hey VLX I live in Oregon and I have a Black Boat, Fortunately our water here is soft and if you wipe it down right after you load and use Hot Sauce or Boat candy, You should get them off easily, ( I just switch to Boat Candy this summer, and I feel it works better then the Hot sauce ) If you have Hard water spots on there now you will have to lightly buff them off and then use the Hard water spot remover mention above, I noticed your boat is Orange, That should be real easy to maintain, Do you live in Salem??

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Thanks for all the advice. I went out and picked up some meguires that is working on the water spots but it does take some work. I will have to find some Boat Candy for when I get out Of the Water.

To Wakesetter67: I live up northwest of Portland and am mostly a Ducks fan but I loved the Orange color and I wanted a unique boat. My last boat was black/white and silver flake and leared that I never wanted much black on a boat again. But the Oregon state fans love my boat.

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been meaning to start a thread on million dollar ideas that we will never follow thru on...one of mine is a lake specific water spot remover...provide a chemist with water from various popular lakes (havasu comes to mind) and develop a water spot remover based on the properties of the water in that lake....guaranteed it would sell,,(even if it was just labelled as being specific to a particular lake..lol).

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VLX. Curious what Meguiars product you are using. I found some waterspot remover in my garage last night. I live N. Portland. If the Meguiars is too difficult you can swing by and pick it up. Wipe on, let sit for a few minutes, neutralize and wipe off/remove with glass cleaner. Follow with your favorite wax. Boat Candy in your stocking.

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Skurfer: I used Meguiars mirror glaze 50 one step cleaner and wax. Then went over with regular car wax. Looks much better but it still take elbow grease and a buffer. I talked to a guy at active water sports and he said nothing really beats a quality car wax and a buffer.

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