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Malibu Sunsetter LX - good for slalom?

Toronto Boater

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I have come across a 2000 Malibu LX for sale. See attached link. Reasonably low hours and seems to be in good condition. I intend to use this boat primarily for slalom, but also for family use, hence the need for open bow. I slalom ski at relatively slow speeds (29-30) but am hoping to improve to 32. I ski the course ocassionaly. Is this boat suitable, or should I be waiting for a Sunsetter LXI, or Response? How is the slalom wake for this boat?



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That looks like a steal to me. A Response would have a slightly better wake. You have to weigh roominess vs. wake.

But dont get me wrong, the wake would be very nice. If it is close by, go for a ride !

Steve B.

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Depends if it is diamond or wake hull.

It is on the wake hull. The wake is good for slaloms but a bit harder since its not on the diamond hull.

Btw the engine is a monsoon and rated for 325hp not 330hp.... not a big deal

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Just a heads up that ad is a scam. The boat is in Florida at Ski Boat Solutions. I saw it on their website the other day and called about it. The asking price is $19,950 but it's a consignment boat and they will consider reasonable offers. It's probably worth about 16,000.

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I own a '98 Sunsetter LX and I think the wake is very good for slalom - expecially at speeds over 30 mph. It's a very versatile boat, drop the wedge and a fill a couple bags and it's good for wakeboarding too. I appreciate the deep seating in the bow -- it makes me feel like the kids are safer riding up there. Overall a good, versatile boat. I would recommend the LXi if you can get your hands on one. The rear storage trunk is a definite bonus over the LX.

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Just as a point of reference, I have the "wake" hull. I ski from 15 off to 35 off. My sister has an old stars and stripes Mastercraft.

Above 30, my wake is wider, but I dont think taller. And, where her's has like a curb at the start of the wake, I think mine is an easier transition.

Steve B.

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While Kenny makes a great point about the diamond hull, I too have a Sunsetter LX and ski 15-22 off at 30-32. Above 30 the wake is very nice. Below 30, not so much. A couple guys I ski with that run into 32 off, 34 mph say it's pretty nice as well. As said before, it's a very versatile boat. That said, as soon as I get the OK from the CFO, I'll be seeking a diamond hull!

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Thanks for all the replies. it looks like the ad was indeed a sham as Grandude suggested. I have emailed questions to the poster and received no reply. I should have been suspicious about the pics which show nice Florida greenery when all of the leaves have fallen off in Toronto...

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