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Inland Wake Surfer Query

LX Response

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I have just started wake surfing on a Hyperlite Broadcast and can ride it quite well without the rope, I am looking at buying myself a board and I'm looking at the Inland Surfers. There are two for sale but I'm not sure if one is better than the other.

One is a Black Pearl (I think it's 2009 model) and the other is a 2011 Virus model.

I want to have the option to ride surf and skim style and just want a good all-rounder board so that way I'm not constantly changing my board as I progress with my riding.

Which would be the better buy? I'm leaning towards the Virus model but thought I would check on here.

Thanks alot :)

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Both same board designs Pearl might be slightly wider, not sure there is much difference, if there is I don't see it. I have the Black Pearl and love it, I am around 195 lbs, you can buy extra fins and ride with 3 fins to learn the board then eventually drop to 1 fin once you improve, the 3 fins makes it a lot more stable when learning. Both boards are skim style, with 3 fins it will be a little more like a surf style but definately not surf style, you can also get some 6cm fins for each board, not sure how that would feel though as haven't tried... I ended up getting a surf style as well so I can ride both.

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I feel like I need 3 boards


Great surf board durable and 200+ can ride it can do 180s


If I was going to say a in between this would be it. For the money great buy and durable. can do 180s never took the fines off and tried to skim but it is almost the same size. also 200+


For a skim this is a nice board. for the $

I have the first 2 not trying to sell you anything just giving you a little info.

Some good reading

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Circumstances have changed and it appears we can't get the Inland Surfer after all....I'm looking at other options and there is a Byerly Volt 2013 board for sale - has anyone ridden this board?

I can't find many reviews on it but one person did mention online that it was fast and good for doing spins etc.

Cheers :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have ridden the Byerly Volt and thought it was pretty lousy. It plows water (slow)

For the same price the 2013 Broadcast blows it away. I was able to hit most of my tricks on the broadcast, even 360 shuvs on it. But not air, it's too slow for that.

They dont really compare to the Black Pearl, but if you had to stick with a board around $300, the Broadcast is better than the Volt.

For $350 you can get a Victoria Bigfoot or for $380 you can get a Victoria Agent or Factor. Those are made in the USA and compete with Phase 5s for ride quality. So there are definitely low price options.

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