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Spark plug help


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After learning to do my own service on an ''04 LSV Hammerhead. Having trouble getting the driver's side rear spark plug out. Shortest plug socket I have will not clear the manifold. The offset box wrench that worked well on the same tight spot on the other side will not work on this side because alternator is in the way.

Also tore one plug wire cap and had a auto parts guy tell me that just sliding on another cap would result in a spark leak. Indmar rep had said if plug wires were flexible enough to just flop dangle when pulled loose then they are still good.

Napa sold me their number '8' plugs as replacements for MR43TLS. Did not see any reference numbers on the box. Book Indmar box looks to call for .30 gap, Indmar rep, Jack in Corona, says .045 would be a good gap for the MR43TLS that this Napa 8 plug replaces. Anyone with any experience in this area?

Any general tips and cautions on this service would be appreciated as well..


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Richard, I am a anti-seize and dielectric grease freak when it comes to plugs and plug wires and it has served me well in the past. Especially for those plug and wires that are a bloody contorsionist act to get to. I would go with what the Owners Manual recommends for that year, and here is why I say that. In the Owners Manuals, the factory installed 41-101s (Iridium) in my '10 Monsoon w/CATs are .060 for 2010 and .040 for 2011 for the same plugs and engine. Typo maybe, ICM update most likely. I'm sure Engine Nut or a few other "directly in the know" guys on here would have some insight as to to why the dfference. Lastly, don't over tighten the plugs! Good luck, Bill.

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Almost forgot. In the past I have had to make a special plug socket by cutting down the length of a cheapy socket so I could reach in to pull it. I also have some cheap plug sockets that have a nut head as part of the socket so you can use a box/open end wrench on them to turn it.

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I have a '05 383 Hammerhead. I too had a problem on that same plug recently. I had to remove the water hose to get better access. I used an angle wrench to initially loosen, then a closed end box wrench to completely remove it.

As for plugs, I used Iridium version of AC/Delco as specified in my Indmar owners manual at .60 gap.

On the plug wires, if you are that unsure about the cap, I would just replace the set. What are they about $50.00? If they are the original set, you're up there at 9 years old. I know I thought about it on mine, but with no damage decided to wait for next time.

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