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I got laid off yesterday...


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Sitting home today by myself, just wanted to vent. I understand that companies will do what they have to do to survive and I am not mad at them at all. I do lay some blame on the government and their lack of responsibility. Government keeps making policies and decisions that are hurting the economic situation. My job was directly tied to government, department of defense to be exact. With the government not having their fiscal house in order it affects all the businesses that do business with the government. Funding from government is down so government contractors are laying off people. I happen to begone of those lucky people now.

I will find another job, my family will be ok. We stay pretty lean on purchases and we have some money set aside to live off of for a few months. In the mean time, calling in favors and sending out resumes.

Hopefully, we will not need to sell the boat, but keep an eye out for a low hours lsv with a great price in a few months if things don't improve. LOL

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I'm sorry to hear that and hope for you and your family. My Father in law works for the DOE and they had to decide who they were going to lay off, but couldn't do it until after the election.

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Bummer Bro, make sure and apply for all the Obama free programs... the job market is picking up, I am sure you will find something soon. Enjoy some time with your family over the holidays... lots of blessings to be grateful for in your life.

If you are not a user already, Linkedin is a good network for professionals to use for employment opportunities.

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Bummer. I'm about to be in the same boat too. I'm a Systems Admin for Sysco Foods. They have laid off almost 500 people nationwide, as of December 31st...... basically the entire IT Dept is being contracted out to InfoSys out of Bangladore, India.

I'm tempted to tell everyone to stop eating at restaurants who buy from Sysco. But then we'd never eat out at all.

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I was hoping that the title of the thread was just an attention grabber. Sorry to hear that it is true. I am so glad to hear that you have not been like so many others that have been living paycheck to paycheck. Best wishes on finding new employment.

On a side note, since you did mention the government being part of the problem...Is it a good sign that the government is trying to reduce its spending? Someone I heard lecture once said 'One man's waste is another man's income'. And it couldn't be more true. I am always amused by politicians who say that they will 'cut waste' or 'reduce spending'. They don't want the public to know that the only way to do such is to take away someone's job. It is painful on an individual scale to see people who are affiliated with the government lose their jobs, but if our government can become more financially healthy, it will benefit us all in the long run. It is good to see you with a positve attitude and I hope you find something better.

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FWIW, I felt just like you when it happened to me. BUT, if that bummer bemmer didn't happen to me, I wouldn't be as blessed as I am today.

And, from my experience, don't under estimate the power of prayer!

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Sorry to hear that Bama, I will send up a prayer for you to find the dream job soon and near a great lake for the 23. Hang in there, speakin from experiance these events can lead to something much better than what you had. Keep your eyes open, look for oppertunity at every junction and keep in touch with everybody you have ever met.

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Very sorry to hear this, and impressed with your outlook. We'll be rooting for you to keep that LSV!

Edit: Um, when I opened this thread in my browser, the tab just read, 'I got laid...' Very different news.

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I feel your pain as a business owner it is hard to make the decision on who will go, because we are all family at my shop not by blood just friends. Don't give up on the fight of looking for work it is out their. I have always said if it happens to me I will take care of my family first and will do everything possible to keep the toys it is to hard to get them back once their gone. If you have a loan out start making calls now and explain you situation and see if they can differ your payments if needed don't wait until it is to late.

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