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What wakeboard should I buy?


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I'm looking at getting a new wakeboard to go along with my new 23LSV and the LF Watson and Harley both look great! I can go wake to wake most of the time and do single wake 180's and I'd like to progress more this coming season. I currently ride a LF Tripp from about 3 years ago and want a board that has more pop and is easier to move around. These two look great but I'm open to other makes/models.

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There's a nice 2012 Watson for sale in the the classifieds. ;) I could direct to my son for specific questions, he rode both the Watson and Harley for awhile after the Lyman was discontinued. He felt the Watson has predictable control and pop, of course that depends on technique. Good luck!

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Augie. Clearly you like the watson, can you tell me what you rode before the watson and why you like it so much? Also, any recommendation on boots? Open toe, closed toe? I know I want a boot that is really soft in the footbed. I landed on the knuckle this summer and my heel hurt for weeks.

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I stared off with a lf trip with open toes. like you mentioned. The open toes soon didn't fit me since they were used by many people given their large size range. There's nothing wrong with a good pair of open toes if you keep them to yourself. If you want good foot beds, Ronix is probably hard to beat, but any pro level boot with proper fit regardless of manufacturer will work. like snowboard boots, try 'em all on. I tried all of slingshots, ronix and liquid force boots at local shops. and I mean all. shop guys probably hated me. now for my feet, the watson boots and the ronix franks fit best, ronix little more so.

after the trip, rode a 09 response. fun board, loose, good learning I thought, but bad falls. it's thin edge bit hard and no bottom features required a little extra attention on jumps. So I wanted a board just for learning wake to wake tricks, response got retired to cable park and surface tricks. Demo'd a Whip, Harley, Witness, Monark or Conspiracy (can't recall) and a Watson. All were great, but the harley and watson seemed natural to me, and watson was less aggressive. The pop was noticeable compared to my trip and response. consistent, predictable and had some push behind it with very little effort. the response had to be just right to get full pop.

In your other thread I mentioned getting both a 3 stage like the watson for wake to wake, but also having a flexy flat based board on hand. Here's why...sometimes it's just fun to do surface stuff, low risk of injury to.

edit: not me riding, nor do I know him. Saw this on WW, watching it just makes me want to go cruise behind the boat.

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Wow, that guy is smooth like butter, wish I could ride like that! So you feel like the Watson gave a good consistent, dependable pop? How about the edges as far as catching an edge? I'd like to stay away from a board that is easy to catch an edge on.

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Rode the Watson many years. Went from the 05 Shane to the 09 Watson. I perfered the Watson Classic to the newer shape (rode both). I thought the double concave design gave much more consistant pop and was a little smoother. Either shape, the Watson was my perfect combination of loose in the turns, edge hold in the cut and quick to accelerate. Unfortunatly I had to stop riding LF because of durability issues. Broke two Watsons in a season and a half and I dont ride that aggressive. Now on the Ronix VIVA. The Watson was quick, the VIVA is FAST. It grabs edge and goes without slowing down. Would take the Watson over it any day if I got LF boards for free.

As far as catching edges, the Watson caught way more than my shane ever did. I could break the shane loose for days, Watson took a little more work. The Shane to me was all about being mellow and flowing through your set and tricks which I loved, it was just harder to get consistant pop on it like the Watson.

Closed toe is the only way to go.

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I've got an 09 liquid force limited watson with 08 ronix one closed toes and that setup rides like a dream. I absolutely love it. You can't go wrong with the high end LF boards and the high end ronix boots.

I have been eyeing a 2013 harley with 2013 one boots. But I love my current setup too much to justify dropping over 800 cash for a new setup. I'll wait til my bindings rot and board breaks. The classic watson shape is a work of art

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Jonny, awesome info, thanks. So I hope to learn wake to wake 180s, get better at riding switch and learn some surface tricks. Do you think the shane would be better thank the Watson because I'm less likely to cat an edge. Or is the consistency of the Watson worth the risk of catching an edge and eating it?

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