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Winterize w/o running engine?

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My engine won't start, but does turn-over. I suspect a bad fuel pump. I'm considering winterizing now and waiting until spring to tackle the fuel pump.

Is it possible to safely winterize without running the engine? I know I wouldn't be able to fog it, but assume I can still thoroughly drain all the water out.


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Yes, you can drain all the water without running the engine. But I would recommend getting it started so you can fog the engine. You don't want to seize up during the winter. You also need to run stabilizer through the fuel lines and can't do that without running it.

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Pull all your spark plugs, and spray fogging oil in each cylinder. then crank it over a few times. Spray again, and put the plugs back in. Winterize the motor by draining it and then doing as you see fit, leaving empty or filling with antifreeze.

If you have an efi engine, there is not to much you can do about the fuel in the injectors. If you are carbed, you "may" have issues with jets, but not likely. Use Startron or similar in the fuel tank. You can mix it around in the fuel just by pulling the trailer around for a few miles. you should be able to drain fuel lines, if you are concerned about E10. The amount is so small, that 99% of the time, it will not cause any issues. My main concern is that the fuel in the tank be treated.

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I was a big fogger for many years. Then I talked to a Malibu mechanic and he told me they never fog, ever. He asked me this, "If you were to park your car in the garage for the winter (4-5-6 months) would you fog the engine? If the car is going to sit for 3+ years you may want to spray some oil into the cylinders, but for an engine that only sits a few months, it is not necessary." And some think it may do more harm than good. The raw water engines need attention and drained properly. The fuel needs to be treated and hopefully run through the system. Treating the fuel and draining the water correctly are the big issues. The M Mechanic did believe in using anti freeze.

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Im less worried about coating cylinders with a fogging oil and more concerned about the used oil left in the crankcase and bearing journals and not being able to fully circulate fuel stabilizer through the full system. To fog the cylinders, just pull the plugs one at a time, fog the the cylinder, reinstall plug and turn engine by hand a little. I suppose you could change the oil cold, but will take awhile, then crank engine in 20 second intervals till the gauge shows pressure and the new oil has a chance to work its way through the passages and push out the old used oil. Not a huge concern for a one time winter storage, but s its nice to do what you can to make the best of it.

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I just have my daughter crank the engine while I spray the fog in the throttle body. Pull your safety lanyard because the engine will start on fog oil. You'll be surprised how the oil sucks right in.

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Wow, thanks to all for the great feedback!

I add stabil each time I fuel, so I should have a good base. I also added sea foam with the most recent fuel-up, so between those two hopefully there is enough stabilizer in the fuel lines. I'll add some more stabil to the tank and follow,some of the other advice here and put it up for the winter.

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